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Research Opportunities

Organometallic Research

   The UWise Research students are working on the chemical synthesis project. They carry out a multi-step synthesis of a new molecule that works as a sensor for a trace amount of specific ions in solution.


  Senior mentor shows the freshman mentee how to set up a chemical reaction under nitrogen atmosphere.

The mentee student records experimental details in her lab notebook.


Engineering Research

  An opportunity for Engineering Studies students to


  UWise Mentor: “Excellent opportunity to gain deeper understanding of the sciences in  cool, fun and engaging way!”

  UWise Mentee: “I learned to be a team member.  We work as a group and every member has a role in the project.”


Ultrasonication Research

Ultrasound-promoted Hydroxylation of Fullerenes

Opportunity to


Antioxidant Research

The Antioxidant Capacity of Phenols


  UWise students preparing solutions and using the spectrophotomer to determine the antioxidant capacity of substituted phenols.

Biology Research

Employing functional genomics to  identify novel genes that play  a role in photo-protective mechanisms under high light stress in the green microalga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii.


Our research laboratory has isolated 95 high light sensitive mutants. The goals of this research are to:

(a) perform secondary and tertiary screening of the 95 mutants isolated from the primary screen to confirm and better characterize the specific phenotypes,

(b) elucidate pigment composition in at least one of the pigment deficient mutants.

UWiseMentee: This research experience clarifies a lot of my “theoretical concepts” in Biology and Chemistry through hands-on techniques in a lab setting. It also helps me understand that what makes “research” an exciting experience, in spite of the occasional tedious “trouble shooting”, is that one does not know what one is going to discover  from  the research ,at the end!!!