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What is STEM?

The acronym STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. 

At the federal and state levels, there is enormous interest in promoting enthusiasm for and success in STEM disciplines for students, both in [K-12] schools and colleges. The reader is referred to the publication Rising Above the Gathering Storm (a report requested by the United States Congress) that ties education in STEM disciplines with the competitiveness of the United States in the global market.   


At West Georgia, undergraduate degrees are offered in the following disciplines: Biology, Chemistry,Computer Science, Geosciences, Mathematics and PhysicsPre-engineering programs are housed in the Department of Physics and the Department of Chemistry. Pre-medical, pre-dental, pre-veterinary, and pre-physical therapy programs are housed in the Biology and Chemistry departments. Pre-pharmacy is also housed in the Department of Chemistry. Students interested in teaching earn a STEM degree in addition to completing requirements for a teaching certificate.