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UWise Summer Bridge Program Videos and Pictures

Video and Photos

2012 UWise Photos and Videos

"I felt like I was more prepared coming to school in the Fall than other freshmen may have felt. The program also helped me develop and better my study skills."
-Sydney Brown, UWise 2012

" I believe the UWise program is a very innovative summer program that will help students to get used to college life..."
-Zach Duncan, UWise 2012

"Overall, the UWise program was a great way to meet new people and make connections with professors... I am glad that I decided to participate in UWise, and would encourage other incoming freshmen to do the same."
-Runeshia Parker, UWise 2012

"The people that helped me during the program are still available to me now. They showed me that I am not alone in college."
-Tedra Carter, UWise 2012

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2013 UWise Photos

" Take your homework seriously! And enjoy yourself. The experience is what you make!!"
- Jamie Moreland, UWise 2013

"Math has always been a struggle for me, but the professor made learning easy and entertaining! The field trips were both educational and entertaining! UWise was a great learning experience and made my summer fun!"
-Tyra Blackmon, UWise 2013

"I personally enjoyed and loved my experience with UWise...The math study halls were extremely useful and I liked the fact that the tutors were there to help and we were able to work freely."
-Rachael Thomason, UWise 2013

" It was a great experience joining UWise because it helped me become familiar with the surroundings of West Georgia."
-Mylee Mobley, UWise 2013