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Spring 2013 XIDS 2002 Courses

What Do You Know About…..?

Seminar courses to facilitate greater understanding about STEM careers - Satisfy Area B2 core requirement 

 You can print out this entry form and return it to the COSM Dean's office (TLC 3rd floor), or you may submit the form online here.

 Complete forms preferably before Nov 1, 2012.


XIDS 2002: What do you know about Health professions? CRN # 11711 and 11712; Wed 2:00-3:52 pm

Course Description: This problem-based learning seminar course is specially designed to connect class-room teaching with the real-life situation such as current epidemics and pandemics. Using a problem-based learning approach, students will learn about health-related professions through informal discussions, in-class activities, field trips, and conversations with professionals engaged in a wide variety of professions related to human health.

Students interested in any health-related careers such medical, dental, nursing, pharmacy, allied health, public health are strongly encouraged to take this course.


XIDS 2002: What do you know about STEM professions (Energy)? CRN # 11713; Fri 9:00-10:52 am

Course Description: What’s the solution to our planet’s energy addiction?  Fracking, drilling in deep water and the Arctic, the production and piping of tar sands oil, or mountaintop removal coal mining? How reliable are elements of nature (solar, wind, water, geysers) to meet our energy needs?  Could we face rising food costs to make biofuels?  Via a variety of discussions, demonstrations and problem-based activities, this interdisciplinary seminar course will make you more energy-aware and help explore exciting opportunities in the energy industry.

Students interested in any physical science-related career such as chemistry, physics, geosciences, engineering and environmental science are strongly encouraged to take this course.


XIDS 2002: What do you know about STEM professions (Robotics)? CRN # 11714; Fri 9:00-10:52 am

Course Description:  This seminar course exposes students to a variety of areas within computer science, focusing mainly on robotics to demonstrate basic programming concepts. Students will use these skills in order to solve a variety of problems through hands-on exercises. We will explore the ideas behind robotics to understand, for example, how legged robots learn to walk and cars drive on their own.

Students interested in computing-related careers in engineering, computer science and applied mathematics are strongly encourage to take this course.