Greek Village Home at The University of West Georgia

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who lives in the Greek Village?
Social Greek organizations that apply for residency and are approved to rent a house will have a house in the Greek Village. Individuals will complete Housing contracts with Housing and Residence Life.

What is the Greek Village Fee?
A Greek Village fee will be charged to all members of a social Greek organization with a house in the Greek Village. The Greek Village fee covers the cost of house common areas within each house (chapter room, kitchen, laundry, etc.) and Village common areas (community building, recreational spaces, etc.). The fee provides card access for non-resident members to enter the house.

What will it cost if I want to live in the house?
Individual students will sign 10-month contracts with the university and will pay rent directly to the university. Summer contracts (2-month) will also be available. Private/single rooms are $2,375 per semester (fall and spring) and double occupancy/shared rooms are $2,275 per semester. For that rent, students get a furnished room, all utilities (electricity, water, cable, telephone, and UWG internet), and a parking place in a gated lot within the Village. Individual applications and contracts are available through Housing and Residence Life.

Who manages the Houses?
The Village is managed by a resident manager employed by the University. Each chapter also appoints/elects a resident member as house manager, who is required to participate in some university training. It is up to the chapters as to whether they will pay the house managers or not. The university will manage the buildings, including maintenance and grounds. University police will provide service to the village, and residents will be subject to all University policies.

What if we cannot fill our house?
Chapters will be required to have the house at 100% occupancy for the academic year and 50% occupancy for the summer (or pay the difference to the university). Because new freshmen are required to live in campus residence halls, they may not live in the houses until they complete their regular campus residency requirement.

What happens if a house becomes vacant?

If a house should become vacant, we will give the first opportunity to other social Greek organizations to move into the house; if we are unable to fill it that way, we will rent it to other students (most likely some sort of special interest group such as an academic theme house).

What is the Alcohol Policy?
Students of legal age (21 years or older) may possess and consume alcohol in their house, as long as they do so responsibly. Organizations will abide by alcohol policies that will allow for responsible use of alcohol at registered social events.

What about parking?
Gated parking will be provided for resident members, additional guest/visitor parking will be provided across the street.