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To edit the Faculty Handbook regarding college and committee names

To edit the Policies and Procedures regarding the Executive Secretary

To revise the procedure for the storage of Senate documents

To provide a liaison with the Staff Advisory Council

To recommend a subcommittee on interdisciplinary studies

The Protocols of the Senate

The ProTo Amend the Revision of the Standing Committees

To Revise the Post Tenure Review Committee

To Replace Outdated Names of Committees

To Replace the Term College of Arts and Sciences

To Authorize Committees to Appoint Subcommittees

To Allow for the Re-Election of Non Senate Representatives

To Revise Electing Non-Senator Representatives

Secretary of Faculty and Senate

The Voting Status of Ex Officio

To Change Voting at General Faculty Meeting

To Change Amendment of Bylaws

To Change Amendment of Policies and Procedures

A Clause in the Protocols of the Senate

Revise Standing Committees

Mandate Elected Chairs of Senate Committees

Include Chair of Senate on PAC

Provide Support for Senate Chair

Specify Meaning Of Consultation

A Clarification of Who Is Eligible Faculty

Terms of Service of COAS Senators

Allow Re-election of Senators

Define the Executive Committee Revised

Delete Reference to the Planning Committee

Revise the Allocation of Senators Revised

USG Faculty Council Representative Duty for Senate Chair