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History of Comprehensive Review

The University originally formed a plan for systematic periodic program review in 1995-1996. That original plan called for a self study to be conducted by each unit and for an external critique of the self study. The University created a rotation cycle in which approximately one fifth of our academic programs would undergo review each year.
Though some departments conducted extensive assessments of their programs under this original plan, changes in the Board of Regents' mandate for comprehensive program review led to alterations. In 2000-2001 a Program Review Advisory Committee, chaired by the Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs, was created to develop a new plan for comprehensive program review. This committee, with the advice of a number of colleagues from across the University, completed a draft proposal for a new plan in spring 2001.

This proposed plan emphasizes the role of periodic review in complying fully with the requirements for SACS accreditation and the requirements of the Central Office of the Board of Regents. However, it also stresses that the broadest guiding principle for program evaluation is the improvement of programs according to their stated outcomes and in the role such assessment plays in achieving the mission of the University. Additional goals in the creation of the plan were to take full advantage of reviews already conducted for accreditation and annual reports so as to avoid duplication of work to the greatest extent possible and to streamline the reporting process to make communication easier.

In the fall of 2009, A USG Program Review Task Force submitted its final report to the system office regarding the status and future of comprehensive program review in the University System of Georgia. This report recommended that a robust campus-based program review process replace the current process organized and managed by the USG Board of Regents system staff. This recommendation was adopted and UWG institutions were under the mandate to create their own comprehensive program review process.

The University of West Georgia adopted an initial template and process for comprehensive program review in the 2009-2010 academic year. Working with the Provost’s office, Deans and Faculty Senate leadership, this template and process was simplified and refined the fall of 2010. The schedule for reviews was also updated. The current process went into effect in the fall of 2010.