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Faculty Resources

Hiring Forms and Information

• Advance Banner Information Sheet
Advertising Outlets - Recruiting Minority Candidates
• Applicant Clearinghouse & Affirmative Action Checklist Instructions and Forms 
Applicant Data Sheet 
• Authorization Form for Consumer Reports (Background Check Release Form)
• Authorization for Employment or Change of Status Form (ATE) - Full-Time Faculty
Authorization for Employment Form (ATE) - Part-Time Faculty   
• Budget Amendment 
Critical Hire Vacancy form for Faculty
Checklist for Graduate Teaching Assistant Appointment 
• Graduate Teaching Assistant Verification of Credentials form
Hiring Procedures Manual (revised September 2014)
How to Post a Job on Inside Higher Education
Interviewing Do's and Don'ts
Personnel Action Request form (PAR)
• Procedure for Filling FT Faculty Vacancies  
Sample Interview Questions 
• Security Questionnaire

Other Forms

• Emeritus Form
Personal Data Sheet
USG Leave of Absence Approval Form
USG Employment Compensation Agreement Form (Joint Staffing)
Faculty Contract Amendment
TRS-Employment Verification for Retirees

Sample Letters

Administrative Sample Letter of Offer-Academic
Administrative Sample Letter of Offer-Fiscal
• Full-time Letter of Offer
• Temporary Full-time Letter of Offer
Part-time Letter of Offer
UWG 1101 Instructor Letter of Offer
Letter of Regret
• Acknowledgement Letter to Human Resources
Acknowledgement of Application Letter

Policies and Procedures

• Academic Affairs Processes
Guidelines for Lawful Interviewing
Relocation Agreement
• Record Keeping Policy
• University of West Georgia Policies & Procedures
• University of West Georgia Faculty Handbook
• Board of Regents Policy Manual

Promotion and Tenure - Effective 2016-2017

Promotion Recommendation Form
• Tenure Recommendation Form
Promotion and Tenure Timetable
• Promotion and Tenure Instructions