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Chief of Staff

Nature of Work:

As the principal aide to the President, handles a wide range of matters of institutional importance on behalf of the President, and oversees all operations of the Office of the President, to include management of staff, office budgets, administration, policies, and procedures. As an aide to the Cabinet (Vice Presidents) and in no way a barrier to access, the Chief of Staff provides coordination and oversight in the development of defined core initiatives for the Office of the President including analysis and alignment of institutional effectiveness reporting and planning. Serves as the President's primary strategic liaison with University and community constituencies and as university spokesperson when appropriate. 

Duties and Responsibilities:

- Serves as principal aide to the President; supports the President in dealing with a range of faculty, staff, student, Board of Regents, and public affairs issues; along with the Vice Presidents, directly handles matters of institutional importance on behalf of the President, as appropriate. 

- Coordinates and integrates the activities of the President's Cabinet in the development and implementation of established core initiatives for the Office of the President. 

- Designs, establishes, and maintains an organizational structure and staffing to effectively accomplish the organization's goals and objectives; oversees recruitment, training, supervision, and evaluation of unit staff. 

- Serves with the Vice Presidents as part of a team to interact and network with University, government, and/or community leadership on strategic and operational matters pertaining to the specific area of institutional interest. 

- Serves as the chief aide and liaison to the University Board of Regents on matters not directly handled by the President or Vice Presidents; handles program support activities and matters of institutional significance for the Board on behalf of the President.

- Provides integrated policy analysis and strategic consultation to the President and senior administration on major issues affecting the University.

- Advises the President and senior leadership on best ways to position the institution with civic and business leadership, alumni, and regional elected representatives on issues that have a direct, strategic impact on the core initiatives. 

- Participates in crisis communication team and serves as university spokesperson as appropriate 

- Interacts with UCM to create and take advantage of communications, press, and publicity opportunities and to craft talking points for the President and senior administration

- Interacts with senior University, industry, government, and community officials and stakeholders in the representation and development of strategic program initiatives.

- Prepares and/or contributes to the preparation of reports, briefings, presentations, and responses on institutional and strategic issues, as appropriate.

- Oversees all facets of the daily operations of the organizational unit, ensuring compliance with all relevant laws, regulations, policies, and operating agreements. 

- Coordinates special projects on behalf of the President, frequently involving senior officers of the University. 

- Participates with the President and other senior officers in institutional planning, research and effectiveness, policy development, and problem resolution.

- Performs other duties as assigned by the President of the University.  


Master's degree required. Minimum of six years of executive-level experience in higher education preferred. Demonstrated ability to work cooperatively and strategically in a team environment with all levels of professional, technical and administrative staff and to integrate resources on a timely and organized basis. Excellent administrative, interpersonal and communication skills are required. Must be comfortable interacting with members of the press and speaking on camera.

Additional Desirable Qualifications include familiarity with state and federal governmental and legislative processes. Demonstrated success in teamwork and verifiable skills in motivating and working with others at all levels of a complex organization.