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Annual Report FY02

Summary Highlights for the Division of Business & Finance

July 2001-June 2002

The division of Business and Finance includes the following:  Business and Auxiliary Services, Business Information Technology Services, Campus Planning and Facilities, Human Resources, Internal Audits, Office of the Comptroller, and Public Safety. (This is a summary of highlights. Details are embodied in the individual Departmental reports.)

  1. Mission

    The mission statement for the division of Business and Finance is to give each customer (student, employee, vendor, community, individual) assurance that their critical business needs are our main focus by providing the highest quality business processes and services delivered quickly and conveniently in a personal environment by friendly, professional staff employing integrity in every action.

  2. Vision & Goals

    We are a high quality business service provider leading the University System in customer service through excellence, innovation and dedication.
    • Our customers trust us
    • Our employees are valued individuals and team players
    • Our customers are treated with respect
    • Our business strategy is driven by the learning community
    • Our business practices are designed to attract and retain students, faculty, and staff
  1. Identify and evaluate business and finance business processes to determine the most effective means of performing work.
  2. Provide, preserve, maintain and publicize a superb campus-learning environment to attract and retain students, faculty and staff.

      (Details are in the individual reports.)

   III.  Give the use of the assessment of goals and outcomes.

      (Examples can be found in the individual departmental reports.)

   IV.  General Statement of Departmental Condition

The division of Business and Finance continues to do extraordinary work as outlined in the reports that follow, and we accomplish this with resources that continue to diminish relative to the tasks we have to accomplish. For example over the past 8 years, we have increased enrollment by approximately 1600 students (fall 95-fall 02). During the same period, the manpower support within Business & Finance (including facilities) has actually dropped from 232 to 223. In terms of support for our students, that is an increase of 25%. On the resource side, mandated budget cuts, of 1.25% in fy99, 1.25% in fy00, 2.5% in fy02, and now 5% plus 3% for fy03 continue to impact our ability to provide service. We continue to strive for efficiency, but mandated budget cuts, along with continuing increases in enrollment cannot be absorbed indefinitely. Eventually we need to start putting some money into support.

In spite of the above, we continue to work toward achieving our mission. As you review the individual departmental reports you should be cognizant of the following:

      (Additional highlights and details are available in the following reports.)

    VI.  Staff Development     

    VII.  Student Achievements


     VIII.  Other Awards, Distinctions, and Achievements

      (Please see individual departmental reports.)