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Budget Services: Annual Report FY05

  1. Departmental Mission

    1. Budget Services
    The mission of the department of Budget Services is to prepare and maintain the annual operating budgets for the University of West Georgia. This includes the original budgets for Resident Instruction, Auxiliary, and Student Activities; budget amendments; and reports on the budget as requested by various campus constituents and the Central Office of the University System of Georgia. The department will also provide position management services for all budgets of the University.

    2. Asset Management
    The mission of Asset Management is to identify and account for all capitalized assets of the institution and small value equipment according to the rules and regulations of the University System of Georgia and the Department of Administrative Services. In addition, it is also our mission to identify and claim all surplus property, to conduct sales of surplus according to the rules and regulations of the University System and the State of Georgia, and to insure that disposal of surplus property meets environmental and security regulations.

  2. Department Goal

    1. Budget Services
    It is the goal of the department to prepare the original budget and all amendments accurately and in a timely manner. In reaching this goal it will be necessary for the department to provide assistance and training to all other departments on campus both in joint workshops and individually as needed. It will also be necessary for the department to continually improve the processes in the development of the original budget to insure enough time is available for examination and analysis of entries. The department will to process the Authorization to Employ forms, Personnel Action Requests, and all other forms for position management and forward the forms on to the required departments in a timely manner. The department understands the importance of such forms reaching the appropriate departments quickly. It is also the goal of the department to have information readily available upon request which necessitates excellent records management.

    2. Asset Management
    It is the goal of Asset Management to identify and record all equipment valued between $1,000 and $2,999 within 30 days of receipt. All equipment valued between $3,000 and $5,000 and capitalized assets should be identified and entered into the PeopleSoft Financials System within one week of receipt of documentation. It is our goal to have no errors in these entries as we realize accuracy is critical in this area. It is further a goal of Asset Management to train campus constituents on the proper procedure for disposal of surplus property.

  3. Assessment of Goals

    1. Budget Services
    The goals of the department can be assessed by how well deadlines were met. The department met deadlines for budget amendments and other reports due to the USG Central Office. We are working on ways to improve the efficiency of all processes to avoid errors and delays in providing critically important information. The department must meet deadlines but we must also provide excellent customer service. A customer satisfaction survey was conducted this year jointly with the office of the Controller. A report on the survey follows:

    The customer satisfaction survey was distributed on October 15, 2004 and generated 16 complete responses and 6 partial responses. Ninety-three percent of the respondents were staff with length of service ranging from 1 year to 25 years. 63% of the respondents contact the Budget Office on a monthly basis primarily by telephone or email. Most of the respondents had contacted the Budget Office within the last month of answering the survey. The information the respondents needed was evenly distributed between general information, procedures, and reports.

    Eighty-seven percent of the responses indicated they received the service needed in a satisfactory manner. Fifty-five percent rated the level of service as excellent, 33% as good. When asked how they would rate the level of service in the last 3 years, 60% rated it as excellent, 33% as good. The level of service met expectations for 73% of the respondents, and exceeded expectations for 36%. The Office rated an excellent on the characteristics of timeliness of service, user friendly service, and follow up. The service provided by the staff person was rated excellent in all categories. Training was the lowest rated category with 60% rating training as excellent, 33% as good.

    The Budget Services website is used often - 87% of the respondents had used the website in the last 3 months mainly for reports and forms. The ease of using the website was rated as good.

    Improvements recommended by the respondents included:
    1. more extensive training for the general budget process, agency account management, and calculating EFT
    2. additional help for the staff person
    3. changes to the web financials for agency accounts.

    Plans for improvement include:
    1. Smaller and more departmentally individualized training sessions are planned in order to obtain the level of support needed for the individual unit.
    2. The director of Budget Services will share the workload of the office during times of heavy service requirements so that the level of customer service stays at a high level when it is most needed by the institution.
    3. The web site will be enhanced to provide as much information as possible within the constraints of the PeopleSoft system.

    2. Asset Management
    The fiscal year audit included findings in the area of asset management. These issues will be corrected and we will obtain a better understanding of requirements.
     The customer satisfaction survey conducted jointly for the Controller's office and Budget Services did not include Asset Management. We will include this area when the next survey is done.

  4. Statement of Condition

    A new director of Budget Services and Asset Management began February 1, 2005. In addition to the director there are two staff personnel who are extremely dedicated and hard working. During our busiest time of budget development and year end, there are conflicting demands on staff - everything is high priority. It is difficult to accomplish the tasks necessary to prepare for the new budget year, and at the same time perform other ongoing duties. With only the director and two staff people, each dedicated to their particular area, cross training is difficult. We are evaluating current processes and procedures to improve efficiency, and assessing the need for additional clerical personnel.

  5. Departmental Achievements

    Both Jeanette Pollard and Jill Wright are taking credit courses related to their work. Patsy Barr attended the PeopleSoft Year End Workshop, and is scheduled to attend the CBMI course this summer, and the USG Summit. Ms. Barr is a member of the Strategic Enrollment Committee and SAFBA.