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Human Resources: Annual Report FY04

Mission Statement

The Human Resources Department is a comprehensive human resources and payroll operation, providing Benefits Administration, Staff Recruitment, Training, Workers Compensation and Payroll Administration services to the West Georgia campus community. Our customers include the Faculty, Staff and Students of West Georgia as well as West Georgia's retirees. With a staff dedicated to maintaining the integrity of West Georgia's mission, policies and procedures, we provide quality customer service through personal attention to individual needs.

Departmental Statement of Goals and Outcomes
  1. Continue to improve the level of customer service to the campus community through increased communications, cross training and making information easily accessible. (Applicable to Bread and Butter Goal 6c)

    The department began to develop the agenda for semi-annual information sessions. These sessions are designed to give basic information and clarify policies related to human resource or payroll related issues. We plan to hold the initial meeting early in FY 2005.
  2. Provide benefit information to all new faculty and staff. (Applicable to Bread and Butter Goal 6c)

    In August of 2003 the staff provided benefits orientation sessions for 82 new faculty members for the 2003-2004 academic year. We also provided orientation sessions for 61 new administrative and support staff personnel during the fiscal year.

    Hosted Optional Retirement Vendors during new faculty orientation, in order to assist faculty with making a retirement decision and facilitate the enrollment process.
  3. Provide employees with a wide range of benefits in order to meet their needs.  (Applicable to Bread and Butter Goal 6c)

    Utilization of the EAP program continues to increase, 53 individuals have contacted EAP for assistance with personal issues over the last 9 months.

During April of 2003 we implemented a Long Term Care Benefit administered by TIAA-CREF in order to widen the range of insurance coverage available to the campus community. TIAA issued 24 policies. Due to the sale of TIAA-CREF's LTC business to Met-Life, we plan to broaden the choices for long-term care by authorizing AIG-VALIC to market their long-term care policies to the campus community.


Staff Productivity:

Two staff members attended their second year of the College Business Management Institute

Various staff members attended conferences of which two were hosted by the USGHRA and one by the Payroll Users Group.

Various members of the staff serve on various University and System Wide Committees.

All staff members involved in conversion of HRMS from PeopleSoft version 7.5 to version 8.8.

Held annual staff appreciation day with 327 staff members in attendance.

Successfully outsourced Flex Spending claims administration, limiting liability for the University.

Held Annual Benefits Fair during open enrollment period, 334 faculty and staff registered.


General Statement of Departmental Condition:

The Human Resources department is in adequate condition.  The workload continues to increase with the increasing number of faculty and staff.  In August 2004 the department processed 82 new faculty members, in addition to the 61 staff that were hired during the fiscal year.  The department was involved in recruitment for 81 staff positions during the fiscal year.


Goals for 2005:

The HR department will implement an applicant tracking system, through PeopleSoft in fiscal year 2005. This will add to the accuracy in our applicant tracking for Affirmative Action - Implementation Plan under development.

Begin implementation process of Kronos Time and Attendance module.

Continue to examine core HR processes for continuous improvement.

Offer training programs on sexual harassment, and affirmative action education for the campus community. In process of position development for Training position

Implement semi-annual human resource/payroll information sessions for campus community.