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Auxiliary: Annual Report FY02

Unit Annual Report 2001-2002 (revised)

The Office of Business and Auxiliary Services is composed of three units – Auxiliary Services, Purchasing and Central Warehouse and Mail Service.
Business and Auxiliary Services

Departmental Mission

The mission of Business and Auxiliary Services is to:

(a)     Operate the auxiliaries of the university providing the best possible services that can be provided for the amount charged.  Services are to be on a self-supporting basis. Services are to reflect the needs of the university in meeting its total mission.

(b)     Procure goods and services that are acquired at competitive prices, received in a timely manner and insure that invoices are paid in the proscribed time frame.

(c)     Provide postal service to campus insuring timely distribution and processing of mail.

Departmental Statement of Goals to Assess, Process to Assess These Goals, and Assessment Results:
  1. Goals - Provide services that enhance the teaching learning community to include a quality dinning experience, full compliment of textbooks and accessories, the purchase of goods and services on a competitive basis, and the distribution and processing of mail.
  2. Assessment Process

    a.   Dining Services

    i.      The Director of Business and Auxiliary Services meets with the Director of Dining Services on a weekly basis to review all aspects of the contracted food service program. 
    ii.      ARAMARK, the University’s food service contractor, surveys student’s preferences on an annual basis covering a variety of factors.  Data is used to make adjustments in the dining program. Reports on file with the Director of Business and Auxiliary Services.
    iii.      The Director of Business and Auxiliary Services meets with the Student Government Association at least once per semester to discuss auxiliary services including dining services.

    b.  Bookstore

    i.      The staff is in constant contact with department’s regarding their textbook adoptions for the year.  Student comments are solicited on an informal basis.  Data indicates that with enrollment increases, the number of titles on the shelf is increasing putting pressure on square footage. On-line ordering of text books in growing.  Training enhancement for all staff was identified as a top priority.  An improved assessment processes will be adopted for FY 2003.

    c.   Vending Services

    i.      The Director of Business and Auxiliary Services met with Student Government Association to seek their input on the student’s preference for beverage vending service that is to be awarded in July 2002. 

    d.  ID Card

    i.      Auxiliary Services continued to evaluate the market to determine what company provides the best one card platform for adoption. Jerry Mock and Teresa Traylor attended the National Association of Campus Card Users national conference in March and have conferred with many campuses about the system they use.

    e.  Purchasing Services

    i.      The implementation of the PeopleSoft purchasing and asset management modules in December 2001 introduced a new accounting process for the business office that brought on new and challenging opportunities for purchasing services.  The PeopleSoft modules indicated to purchasing services that training campus personnel in how to use the new system was a high priority.  In addition, it was determined that reducing paperwork would be beneficial to the purchasing process and staff productivity.

    f.  Mail Services

    i.      Mail Service reviews the number of students living on campus each year and makes available post office boxes for this population.  The goal is to provide a private box for each eligible student.
    ii.      Concerns about mail service are reviewed between the postmaster and the Director of Business and Auxiliary Services on a routine basis and strategies are put in place to correct any deficiencies.
    iii.      Internal space assessment by postmaster indicates needed improvement in workspace.
    iv.      911 anthrax scares indicated that mail service needed a policy to deal with this type of emergency.

  3. Assessment Results

    a.  Dining Services – The University determined it was in their best interest to seek competitive bids for its food service operation and to seek investment dollars from the successful vendor to make improvements.  The Director of Business and Auxiliary Services was directed to prepare of Request for Proposal for release in Fall 02.

    b.  Bookstore – There is a need to increase the square footage of the bookstore to handle the increased titles.  The interest shown in purchasing textbooks on-line has helped streamline the process to complete an order.

    c.  Vending Services - Request for Proposal was released on April 15, 2002 seeking competitive bids for beverage services.  A five-year contract was awarded to The Atlanta Coca-Cola Bottling Company on July 1, 2002.

    d.  ID Card – The Vice President for Business and Finance agreed to present to the President’s Advisory Council a recommendation to adopt a one-card platform.

    e.   Mail Service – Space improvements will be referred to the Office of Planning and Design for review. The department of public safety developed an anthrax scare protocol for mail service employees to follow.
Examples of Process Improvements or Changes
  1. Dining Services – National data, as reaffirmed by the major food service vendors, indicate that cafeterias and food courts need refreshing every 5-8 years to stay attractive and financially competitive.  Moving to renovate facilities in the summer of 2003 is perceived to be beneficial to the university and the food service contractor.  The goal will be to introduce new food concepts, increase meal plan participation and give a new feel to the campus dining experience.
  2. Bookstore – The Master Plan update scheduled for FY03 will address the bookstore’s future needs in terms of location and square footage.  Improved training of bookstore staff in the use of the Nebraska bookstore software has improved productivity.
  3. Vending Services – The bidding of the beverage contract resulted in an enhanced financial return to the University as well as an increased in sponsorship support for Athletics.  Moving to use of the university ID for cashless vending would become a reality once implemented.
  4. ID Card – Spending four years in looking at what other campus are doing in the one card market indicates to West Georgia that improved services to students would be a high priority.  Actual improvements in services will come after implementation in late 2002 or early 2003.
  5. Lower Level Z-6 Renovation – In conjunction with Campus Planning and development, provided oversight to the completion of the renovation project of lower level Z-6 including the addition of a new building elevator and patio area.
  6. Mail service staff feels more comfortable in dealing with anthrax contamination of mail threats.
General Statement of Department Condition

The “health” of Business and Auxiliary Services in the areas addressed in the annual report is quite positive.  It is anticipated that the competitive bid process will enhance our dining program resulting in improved services to students as well as provide a source of capital construction funds.  The move to institute a true one-card program on campus will provide students with spending options and flexibility they currently do not have.  Parents will have access to on-line deposit of funds from any location. Placing cashless vending readers on machines in selected areas provides one-card flexibility to the students.  Although formal assessment of the bookstore did not occur this year, the bookstore continues to improve services to students by insuring that every title, in sufficient quantities, is on the shelf. Our on-line bookstore option continues to increase in sales.  Mail Service has sufficient mailboxes to handle enrollment growth.

 In spite of the above comments, our ability to continue to provide adequate service to our campus clients continues to be impacted by the decreasing amount of financial support due to budget cuts. We continue to be creative in the use of funds, but services in the purchasing and mailroom operations have become severely strained.


Departmental Achievements
  1. Renovation of lower level Z-6 resulting in a more inviting and productive space that will enhance revenue opportunities for the university and food service provider as well as serve the diverse needs of the campus.
  2. Completed 90% of the effort to get a campus one card program to bid date.
  3. Issue a new five-year beverage contract resulting in a ten-percent increase in guaranteed revenue.
  4. Trained campus users in PeopleSoft purchasing module.
  5. Developed and distributed Campus Safety Awareness Guidelines for summer camp organizers using our facilities.
  6. Developed Emergency response procedures at mail service to deal with anthrax scare.


Staff productivity – Auxiliary staff attended the following training and/or professional development conferences

Leigh Wright  
Nebraska Books WinPrism Training, Lincoln, Nebraska
Georgia Association of College Stores State Meeting, Young Harris, GA

Shelia Norton  
Nebraska Books WinPrism Training, Lincoln, Nebraska

Cheryl Cash  
Nebraska Books WinPrism Training, Lincoln, Nebraska

Laura Mayfield  
Georgia Association of College Stores State Meeting, Young Harris, GA

Teresa Traylor  
National Association of Campus Card Users annual conference, Reno, NV

Jerry Mock  
National Association of Campus Card Users annual conference, Reno, NV
National Association of College & University Business Officers annual conference, New York, NY.
Department of Administrative Service Users Conference in Savannah, GA.

Patricia Durrough  
College and University Purchasing Officers meeting, Cochran, GA.
Contract Administration Seminar

Purchasing Staff  
PeopleSoft Training and Workshops, Macon and Athens, GA.


Student Achievement


Other Awards, Distinction and Achievements

Leigh Wright, Bookstore Manger, won the 2002 Divisional Award for Business & Finance