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Customer Service Award Programs

Customer Service Initiative
The Division of Business and Finance (B&F) of the University of West Georgia inaugurated its customer satisfaction improvement initiative in the spring of 2006 using the indicators and results from customer satisfaction surveys, employee training development, Business Process Redesign (BPR), and annual goal development to design a program to improve our business services. When the state of Georgia rolled out its new Customer Service Improvement Initiative, "Faster. Friendlier. and Easier," on July 25th, B&F’s efforts were linked to the state’s initiative.

The initiative is labeled as "Personally Serving You – Faster. Friendlier. Easier," and our progress will be reported in the Business Process Redesign page of our website. As our customer, your input is very important to us and to the success of UWG. As we continue to update our progress in this initiative, please let us know how we are doing!

Thank you for your cooperation!