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Customer Service Employee Recognition Winners

In response to the Governor and Chancellor’s Customer Service Initiative, the Business and Finance Division introduced an employee recognition program in the fall of 2006 that was designed to recognize employees on a quarterly basis that demonstrate superior customer service performance.

Based on nominations received from their peers, the following employees are past recipients of the Customer Service Employee Recognition Award:

August 2014

left to right: Jim Sutherland - Vice President for Business & Finance, Lisa O'Neal – Controller's Office, Van Edwards – Central Stores & Receiving, and Donna Wilson – Custodial Services.

Lisa O'Neal – Controller's Office

The Controller's Office can be a busy and stressful environment, but Lisa is always ready to provide great customer service in a patient, courteous, and professional manner.  Lisa's knowledge about travel policies and helpful attitude make her a wonderful resource for the campus and a valued member of the Business & Finance division!

Van Edwards – Central Stores & Receiving

Van is well-known for his out-going and friendly character, and he uses those traits to provide outstanding customer service to everyone he deals with on a daily basis.  His desire to help meet the needs of his customers and his personal approach to dealing with people truly make Van stand out as a fantastic asset to the UWG community!

Donna Wilson – Custodial Services

Donna has a great reputation for being very hard-working, caring, and positive.  She handles her daily workload with an attitude of pride in doing the job the right way, and her diligence shows in the quality of work she produces.  Donna's wonderful approach to her job and her customers makes her a special part of the Business & Finance team!

The Business & Finance Division would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all those employees receiving nominations. And thank you to the campus community for their continued support of this very important program!

April 2014

left to right: Jim Sutherland - Vice President for Business & Finance, Lori Hobbs – Facilities & Grounds, Lisa Elliot Little – Purchasing, and Jeff Marlow – Publications & Printing

Lori Hobbs – Facilities & Grounds

As the Senior Department Assistant for Facilities & Grounds, Lori assists over 125 employees in her department with a wide range of needs. She works extremely well under pressure and is able to handle all issues that come her way in a kind, professional, and patient manner. Lori is one of those behind-the-scenes employees that keep “the wheels on the bus,” so Facilities & Grounds can keep moving forward as an organization!

Lisa Elliot Little – Purchasing

Lisa’s responsibilities as Contract Manager offer her the opportunity to work with both internal and external customers of UWG. And throughout those interactions, Lisa is a consummate professional and truly works to provide accurate and timely information regarding contract issues. Lisa is definitely a credit to her department, division, and university!

Jeff Marlow – Publications & Printing

Jeff’s role as Digital Printing Supervisor is a critical component of the many services provided by Pub & Print. He is incredibly helpful in printing materials for both faculty and staff, and he handles any issues immediately to ensure printing jobs meet all deadlines. Jeff’s positive attitude and professionalism have earned him the reputation of a valued employee that gets the job done right!

The Business & Finance Division would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all those employees receiving nominations. And thank you to the campus community for their continued support of this very important program!


January 2014

left to right: Tommy Brown – Facilities & Grounds, Kristin Smith – Budget Services, Josh Reece – Central Stores & Receiving, and Jim Sutherland- Vice President for Business & Finance

Tommy Brown – Facilities & Grounds

Tommy is a great example of someone “behind the scenes” providing customer service and making all the difference in UWG’s success. He may not be on the front line dealing with students on a daily basis, but his hard work enhances the campus life of all our students, faculty, and staff. The combination of Tommy’s talent, attitude, and work ethic always result in a job well done!

Kristin Smith – Budget Services

Kristin works with departments across campus and manages multiple budget issues. She performs her job with great accuracy and attention to detail, and she is often able to identify budget issues in advance. These skills make her a valued member of the Budget Services team. And her professional, calm, and friendly approaches help her provide wonderful customer service and make her a favorite co-worker to ask for budget help!

Josh Reece – Central Stores & Receiving

On a daily basis, the warehouse receives, processes, and delivers hundreds of packages. Josh’s many contributions help ensure these processes run smoothly. He is also dedicated to solving client problems and improving protocols for efficiency. But Josh is probably best known for the friendly smile and positive attitude he shows every time he comes through the door with a package to deliver!

The Business & Finance Division would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all those employees receiving nominations. And thank you to the campus community for their continued support of this very important program!

October 2013


 left to right: Jim Sutherland- Vice President for Business & Finance, Dawn West – Parking & Transportation Services, Misty Hurley – Custodial Services, and Lynne Follis – Controller’s Office

Dawn West – Parking & Transportation

Dawn is quick to respond and willing to help in any way she can. Always ready to take on more responsibility to assist her clients and her co-workers, Dawn has a reputation for being hard working and dependable. But her greatest asset may be her ability to be all of those things and also maintain a warm and friendly attitude toward everyone she meets. Dawn truly provides wonderful customer service!

Misty Hurley – Custodial Services

As a fairly new employee at UWG, Misty has quickly established herself as a hard worker and someone who consistently does a really great job maintaining our facilities on campus. Misty takes great care to do the job correctly, and her attention to detail is very appreciated by her clients. Misty’ s hard work creates better work and education environments for the campus community, and it makes her a valued member of our Facilities’ team!

Lynne Follis – Controller’s Office

Despite being an employee at UWG for only a short time, Lynne has very quickly become proficient in the necessary procedures and processes. And while providing very prompt responses with unfailing professionalism, she is already successfully meeting the needs of all her clients with outstanding customer service!

The Business & Finance Division would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all those employees receiving nominations. And thank you to the campus community for their continued support of this very important program!

July 2013




left to right: Jim Sutherland- Vice President for Business & Finance, Carolyn Maddox– Auxiliary Services, Latonia Thompson – Bursar's Office, and Andy Freer - Campus Planning & Facilities

Carolyn Maddox – Auxiliary Services

Working in the Wolves Card Office provides Carolyn with plenty of opportunity to work with students, faculty, and staff.  And during these daily interactions, she continually impresses her clients with outstanding customer service and a wonderful attitude. While multi-tasking to meet the needs of a busy office, Carolyn always remains organized, helpful and friendly!

Latonia Thompson – Bursar's Office

As Assistant Bursar, Latonia oversees the day to day activities of the Bursar's Office.  In this fast-paced, student-centered environment, she is able to use her knowledge and skills to meet the many needs of students and their parents.  And her genuine desire to help all students succeed makes her a leader in providing quality customer service!

Andy Freer – Landscape & Grounds

Providing event set-up, furniture assembly, and moving services are just a few of the jobs handled by Andy and his team.  And while these are the kind of activities requiring a lot of hard work, they often go on behind the scenes and without much thanks.  Despite this, Andy always performs at the highest level, leads his team toward excellence in every task, and provides superior service to everyone on campus!

The Business & Finance Division would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all those employees receiving nominations. And thank you to the campus community for their continued support of this very important program!


April 2013


left to right: Jim Sutherland- Vice President for Business & Finance, Elizabeth Smith – Auxiliary Services, Pricella Reese – Campus Planning & Facilities, and Tina Puckett– Bursar’s Office

Elizabeth Smith – Auxiliary Services

Elizabeth is a friendly face around campus, and she is also quickly becoming known for her hard work to make our summer camps and graduation ceremonies run smoothly for all involved.  She has a "never say never" attitude, a helpful approach and an overall enthusiasm that is often contagious to all she encounters.  Elizabeth brings many wonderful attributes to the Auxiliary Services team!

Pricella Reese – Custodial Services

Pricella works very hard to provide a clean environment for our students and staff, but it may be her beautiful smile that most brightens every place she works.  She goes out of her way to set a positive example of good customer service and tries to share kind words with everyone she encounters in her daily work.  Pricella is spreading cheer as she represents Business & Finance all around campus!

Tina Puckett – Bursar’s Office

Tina serves the needs of students in the Bursar's Office on a daily basis. When dealing with student accounts, her ability to be knowledgeable and responsive give the customers a feeling of confidence in our services.  And her helpful and courteous attitude work well to shift sometimes stressful interactions into positive experiences for her customers.  Tina is a winning combination of all the best traits needed to provide outstanding customer service!

The Business & Finance Division would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all those employees receiving nominations. And thank you to the campus community for their continued support of this very important program!


January 2013

left to right: Jim Sutherland- Vice President for Business & Finance, Dennie Sears – Campus Planning & Facilities, Kari Cunningham – Auxiliary Services, and Anthony Powers– Bursar’s Office

Dennie Sears– HVAC/Facilities

Dennie oversees operations at our Z6 building, and this can be a huge undertaking. Yet, he always handles his responsibilities and his customers with a consistent level of great customer service. Dennie provides constant help in dealing with food service issues and equipment needs on campus. He goes above and beyond to research product information, communicate clearly with vendors, and handle deliveries. Dennie’s thorough and helpful handling of all his duties makes him a wonderful example of solid customer service!

Kari Cunningham – Auxiliary Services

As a fairly new member of Auxiliary Services, Kari has already established herself as a wonderful addition to the team. Kari’s budget knowledge makes her a valuable asset, but her responsive and friendly approach help her translate this complicated information with the highest level of customer service. Kari truly cares about her customers, and it shows!

Anthony Powers – Bursar’s Office

Anthony is often the first person to greet customers as they enter the Bursar’s Office, and he makes sure they feel welcome. He is friendly and cheerful as he tries to assist in any way possible. And if Anthony cannot provide a solution for the customer’s needs, he will find someone who can. Along with a willingness to always assist, Anthony also brings an enthusiastic energy to the office. In short, he provides great customer service, and he has a lot of fun doing it!

The Business & Finance Division would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all those employees receiving nominations. And thank you to the campus community for their continued support of this very important program!



October 2012

left to right: Malissa Lowe – Bursar's Office, Randy Bearden – HVAC, Terri Dye - Parking & Transportation, and Jim Sutherland - Vice President for Business & Finance

Malissa Lowe – Bursar’s Office

Known for her fabulous smile, Malissa is a shining example of friendly customer service. The Bursar’s Office handles difficult student issues every day, and Malissa is always ready to assist her clients with a kind and helpful approach. She goes above & beyond by providing great service wrapped in good cheer!

Randy Bearden – HVAC

Randy is always ready to take on any project and performs quality work with efficiency. But it is Randy’s treatment of his clients that sets him apart. He takes the time to communicate with kindness the details of his work and the progress of the job being performed for the client. Randy’s work performance and positive interactions with his clients result in a superior level of customer service!

Terri Dye – Parking & Transportation

Being a bus driver on campus, gives Terri an opportunity to interact with students, faculty, and staff on a daily basis, and she makes the most of this opportunity by providing wonderful customer service to everyone. Terri not only provides safe and reliable transportation, she also demonstrates a most valuable quality – she cares!

The Business & Finance Division would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all those employees receiving nominations. And thank you to the campus community for their continued support of this very important program!


April 2012

left to right: Sonja Pitts– Campus Mail, Dale Horton– Maintenance, Sandra Robinson - Purchasing, and Jim Sutherland - Vice President for Business & Finance


Sonja Pitts– Campus Mail

Working in the campus Post Office, Sonja is one of the friendly faces that greets every customer that comes through the door. Students, faculty, and staff all benefit from her knowledgeable assistance, but it is her kindness that sets her apart. As a three-time winner of this customer service award, Sonja is clearly doing an outstanding job of serving the UWG campus community!

Dale Horton – Maintenance

As Maintenance Technician, Dale responds to work requests all around campus. Upon first meeting Dale some may be intimidated by his tall stature, but they quickly learn he has a heart of gold and a willingness to help in any situation. Dale takes great pride in his work, and he has built a reputation for always caring about a job well done!

Sandra Robinson – Purchasing

Sandra’s handling of the P-Card administration gives her the opportunity to interact with most all departments on campus, and she has spread a positive impression of Business & Finance in her daily interactions with her fellow UWG employees. While her efforts to keep all P-Card holders in compliance with state guidelines is not an easy task, she is always helpful, courteous, and friendly!

The Business & Finance Division would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all those employees receiving nominations. And thank you to the campus community for their continued support of this very important program!



July 2011

left to right: Chris Bradford – Central Warehouse,  Margie Almon – Custodial Services, and Jim Sutherland - Vice President for Business & Finance

Chris Bradford – Central Warehouse
Chris is praised as being calm, pleasant, and courteous in every situation.  He handles all the warehouse orders with precision and care and always goes that extra step to follow up and verify his customers' needs were met.  His friendly demeanor and outstanding customer service skills make him a valuable asset to the Central Warehouse team.

Margie Almon – Custodial Services
Despite increased demands on our custodial staff, Margie continually provides outstanding service to her customers.  She works diligently to maintain our facilities, and in the process, her sunny and cheerful personality brightens everything around her.  Margie’s positive attitude is greatly appreciated by the customers she serves.

The Business & Finance Division would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all those employees receiving nominations. And thank you to the campus community for their continued support of this very important program!


April 2011

left to right: Shane Gibbs – Central Warehouse, Jessica Lane – Bursar’s Office, James Hembree – Landscaping & Grounds, and Jim Sutherland - Vice President for Business & Finance

Shane Gibbs – Central Warehouse
Shane is hard-working, resourceful, and helpful.  And beyond these admirable qualities, he is probably most well-known for his courteous and friendly personality.  He adds kindness to his daily tasks as he makes his deliveries around campus, and he brightens everyone’s day in the process.

Jessica Lane – Bursar’s Office
Working in the Bursar’s Office, Jessica comes into contact with our students on a daily basis.  She provides critical assistance and information to students regarding the financial aspects of paying for college, and Jessica’s friendly attitude, helpful approach, and willingness to go “above & beyond” always provides her customers with a positive experience overall.

James Hembree – Landscaping & Grounds
Although he is responsible for the landscaping on the entire 645 acre campus, James gives his undivided attention to every project.  And he does an excellent job of communicating to ensure each customer’s preferences and needs are met. James’ knowledge is so extensive and his reputation so well-known that his professional advice is sought by many in the campus community and beyond. 

January 2011

left to right: Carolyn Maddox– Auxiliary Services, Karen Hulsey - Budget Services, and Jim Sutherland - Vice President for Business & Finance

Carolyn Maddox– Auxiliary Services
Having worked in Housing & Residence Life before coming to the Business & Finance division, Carolyn offers a wealth of experience in dealing with students.  Fortunately for our division, Carolyn's responsibilities in the Wolves Card Office give her the opportunity to continue to serve the student body.  Her courteous approach, high level of competency, and friendly attitude all help Carolyn connect with students and provide an outstanding level of customer service!

Karen Hulsey - Budget Services
The Budget department receives many inquiries and requests for assistance from all across campus, and Karen is always ready and willing to help. Even during stressful times, she remains calm and kind in her responses to tough situations, and sometimes the right personality can be just enough to diffuse a difficult situation. Karen's friendly demeanor, ability to communicate, and a dose of patience all make her a wonderful asset to the Budget department and the campus as a whole!


October 2010

left to right: Linda Henson - Custodial Services, Denice King - Secretary to Vice President for Business & Finance, Becky Merrill - Campus Mail, Jim Sutherland - Vice President for Business & Finance

Linda Henson – Custodial Services
Linda always has a smile on her face as she goes about her daily tasks within Aycock Hall.  Often she goes above and beyond her duties to take great care of the building and the employees. When extra work comes her way, she "rolls up her sleeves" and gets the job done.  Linda's warm and friendly personality make her more than a valued team member, she is also a friend to all who know her!

Denice King - Secretary to the Vice President for Business & Finance
Denice works hard to represent the office of the Vice President through exceptional customer service.  She approaches her job with an optimistic outlook and an excitement to serve the campus community.  Always ready to help those in need of assistance, Denice is well known for going that "extra mile!"

Becky Merrill - Campus Mail
Working in Campus Mail, Becky is part of a team that is continually recognized for providing exceptional customer service on many levels.  Becky's positive approach to customer service makes her an important member of that team.  She greets every person that enters the Post Office with a willingness to help and a winning smile. Clearly, Becky is truly a First Class provider of great customer service!  

July 2010

left to right: Jim sutherland- Vice President for Business & Finance, Todd Slate – Campus Planning & Facilities, Denise Robinson – Human Resources, Van Edwards– Auxiliary Services

Todd Slate – Facilities Maintenance
Todd has the reputation as a very knowledgeable electrician.  His technical skills are also complemented by his ability to communicate well with the client.  When Todd says that a job is complete, there is no question that the job is installed properly and that the customer is informed and satisfied. This level of custiomer service helps to make maintenance projects a more positive experience for the campus community.

Denise Robinson – Human Resources
Despite whatever else may be happening, you can always count on Denise to remain calm and provide the assistance needed. Her friendly demeanor and kind approach allow her to handle even the tough situations in a positive way.  She is always willing to help, and the best thing about Denise is that she doesn't just provide excellent service once in awhile, she does it every day and in every interaction.

Van Edwards – Central Stores and Receiving
Van is well known for his vivacious approach to life, and he carries that positive attitude over into his work.  He is quick to respond to any request for assistance and is always happy to serve the needs of the customer.  No matter what the issue, Van manages to keep a smile on his face and a cheerfulness in his response.

April 2010

left to right: Jim Sutherland - Vice President for Business & Finance, Sonja Pitts – Campus Mail, Wanda Williams – Facilities, and Shelly Parker – Purchasing Services

Sonja Pitts – Campus Mail
The Campus Mail staff is renowned for providing superior customer service, and Sonja is a major factor in that distinction. From the first moment a customer enters the post office, Sonja is quick to give a cheerful welcome and a sincere offer of assistance.  With a friendly attitude and a fun personality, Sonja makes a trip to the post office something to smile about.

Wanda Williams – Campus Planning and Facilities
As manager of the Work Information Center, Wanda deals with the needs of most everyone on campus.   She consistently displays prompt and courteous attention to all work orders.  And if clarification of a work request is needed, Wanda is quick to pick up the phone and communicate with everyone involved to assure accurate service is provided.  Wanda’s personal concern for helping resolve issues makes her a shining example of good customer service.

Shelly Parker  – Purchasing Services
Ensuring the goods & services that the University needs can be challenging, so good customer service is especially crucial for this department.   To this end, Shelly always listens and responds in a pleasant and positive way while maintaining her professionalism.  Even when Purchasing is at its busiest, she is always willing to help and remains calm and informative.

January 2010

left to right: Jim Sutherland- Vice President for Business & Finance, DeLisa Melson– Human Resources, and Dean Wilburn – University Police

Jamie Shirey– Facilities & Grounds
For thirteen years, Jamie Shirey’s expertise and commitment to excellence have made him a very important resource on campus.  He is an excellent communicator with a strong dedication to customer service.  While working on important facility improvement projects, he always shows a sincere interest in finding the best and most affordable solutions.  Overall, Jamie’s efforts have led to many valuable enhancements to our campus and our students’ experience here at UWG!

DeLisa Melson– Human Resources
Although relatively new to the UWG campus, DeLisa Melson has quickly become known for her superior customer service skills.  Her ability to juggle multiple responsibilities and keep a calm demeanor under constant pressure is outstanding.  She consistently uses good communication to address everyone’s needs as quickly as possible, while remaining cheerful and professional.  DeLisa is truly a wonderful example of the best in friendly customer service!

Dean Wilburn – University Police
After twenty plus years of service, Sergeant Wilburn is known for his professionalism and courteous approach in his daily duties. Aside from helping the campus community feel safer, he also promotes positive relationships with his fellow co-workers across University departmental lines. His reputation as someone that goes the extra mile for students, staff, and faculty makes him an invaluable part of the campus community and a wonderful asset to the Business & Finance division!


October 2009


left to right: Greta Kirby – Campus Mail, James Spake – Campus Planning and Facilities, Amy Emory – Bursar's Office

Greta Kirby – Campus Mail
The Campus Mail department is well known on campus for their superior customer service, and Greta is an important part of that positive reputation.  She is very knowledgeable and willing to offer helpful advice to customers with mailing questions. Along with her helpful approach, Greta sprinkles every customer interaction with her own personal touch of southern hospitality.  Her charming and friendly personality make her a wonderful asset to Campus Mail and UWG. 

James Spake – Campus Planning and Facilities
James works every Saturday and Sunday on campus, so he is responsible for supporting weekend events, classes, and any emergencies that may occur.  Therefore, he represents the entire Campus Planning and Facilities division in many critical situations, so his ability to provide quality work and a high level of customer service makes him a crucial member of the Facilities team.  James handles this level of responsibility  with kindness, attentiveness and professionalism. 

Amy Emory – Bursar's Office
Amy's willingness to help in any situation has given her a wonderful reputation on campus.  She has received praise for providing outstanding customer service from her co-workers and from the students and parents she serves at the Bursar's Office.  Amy is known for being patient, kind, courteous, and always pleasant to deal with.  She recently celebrated her 10 year anniversary working at UWG, and the Bursar's Office and the University are lucky to have Amy on our campus.


July 2009

left to right: Kenneth Carnes – Facilities & Grounds, Charlotte Kraft – Human Resources,  Janet Kendrick – Campus Mail, and Jim Sutherland - Vice President for Business & Finance

Kenneth Carnes – Facilities & Grounds
Kenneth is a very hard worker and takes a lot of pride and initiative in his daily responsibilities.  As Equipment Mechanic, his job performance ensures that all Facilities’ equipment is in good working condition and the department employees can continue to do their assigned duties.  Kenneth is described as someone that “goes about his work quietly,” but the high level of customer service he provides to the Facilities team speaks volumes about him as a valued member of the Business & Finance Division!

Charlotte Kraft – Human Resources
Charlotte has served the campus community for over 30 years.  In the Human Resources office, she is a friendly face that is always willing to help or answer a question with promptness and professionalism.  As Benefits Counselor, Charlotte is often one of the first people to welcome new employees to the University at their new hire orientation session.  And the Business & Finance Division can rest assured that Charlotte always represents us well with her outstanding customer service!

Janet Kendrick – Campus Mail
As a mail carrier, Janet delivers to most departments on campus and provides excellent customer service to her fellow employees.  She takes her responsibilities very seriously, goes out of her way to get her deliveries correct, and handles the mail with great care. In addition to this attention to detail, Janet spreads good cheer as she bounces into the departments and calls out a lively “hello” to announce the arrival of the mail! 


 April 2009

left to right: Patricia Durrough – Controller's Office, Andy Freer –Facilities, and Caroline Martin – Public Safety, 

Patricia Durrough - Controller's Office
Patricia has had the difficult task of providing training and support for the transition to the new PeopleSoft system.  While she is quite busy providing assistance to all departments and handling numerous inquires from across campus, she always responds quickly and remains courteous and helpful. Patricia's willingness to always assist with our many PeopleSoft questions is greatly appreciated!

Andy Freer - Facilities
Andy is responsible for all the moving needs and large event set-up on campus.  He is also the main handler of surplus property, picking up large furniture items or large quantity pickups. Students, faculty, and staff all rely on Andy's consistent, cooperative, and helpful attitude to get the job done right, and we are grateful for his assistance!

Caroline Martin- Public Safety
Officer Martin's profession demands that she be capable of problem solving to resolve any type of conflict, and she possesses the skills and talent to work through issues. She also maintains a professional and reassuring demeanor and always remains courteous regardless of the situation. Caroline is a wonderful example of what a public service officer should be! 


 January 2009

left to right: Jim Sutherland - Vice President for Business & Finance,  Ricky Martin – Parking & Transportation, Alexandra Fernandez –Facilities, and Connie Smith – Purchasing

Ricky Martin - Parking & Transportation
As the driver of the Tyus-UCC shuttle, Ricky provides superior service through his dependability and kindness.  Students appreciate his friendly personality.  As he acknowledges them with a "good morning" or tells them to "have a good day," Ricky helps start their hectic days on a positive note. Ricky has a genuine concern for our students and an unwavering commitment to providing excellent customer service!

Alexandra Fernandez - Facilities
Alexandra is a super custodian that knows what needs to be done and does it consistently. She is also very friendly and courteous, and this makes a great impression on the staff in the UCC as well as the thousands of students that pass through this facility.  We are very privileged to have Alexandra on the custodial team!

Connie Smith - Purchasing
Connie is always helpful and knowledgeable while keeping a sweet and positive attitude.  She is very precise yet informative.  The University community really appreciates that Connie goes above and beyond to provide assistance with Purchasing Department questions and concerns.  And when facing any challenges, Connie always has a smile on her face and a "can-do" attitude! 


October 2008

left to right: Jim Sutherland - Vice President for Business & Finance, Ricky Watts – Facilities, Oliver Calvert – Parking & Transportation, and John Roessler – Controller’s Office

Ricky Watts - Facilities
Ricky cares a great deal about our students and strives to meet their needs. At the same time, Ricky is very responsive to the needs of fellow employees and faculty.  When any mechanical/facilities crises occur on campus, he is typically first on the scene. And he stays with projects until the end.  Ricky’s years of experience and commitment to providing excellent service make him a valued member of the UWG team.

Oliver Calvert - Parking & Transportation
As the evening driver for the bus route on campus, Oliver is affectionately known as “Mr.O” by the students.  He knows many of his riders by name, keeps up with their interests, and always has a pleasant “hello” and fatherly “good-bye” as he lets them off at their stop.  Oliver’s customer service skills and his friendly approach make him a wonderful ambassador for the University.

John Roessler - Controller's Office
John is a wonderful example of the customer service that happens “behind the scenes” and keeps this University running smoothly.  He works hard to coordinate our year end processing and prepares the Annual Financial Report, and he was a critical part of the preparation work for the PeopleSoft conversion.  John goes above and beyond and puts in the long hours necessary to complete his job and serve the needs of the University.


July 2008

left to right: Jim Sutherland - Vice President for Business & Finance, Mia Owens – Work Information Center, Misty Cash – Public Safety, and Patresa Murphy – Bursar’s Office

Mia Owens – Work Information Center
Mia is quick to respond to the needs of our campus community when processing work orders, and she is helpful in providing information when questions arise.  Along with her eagerness to “get the job,” Mia is valued as an intelligent, perky, and happy employee with many great ideas for improving customer service.

Misty Cash – Public Safety
Misty is appreciated for her enthusiastic approach to customer service.  She always has a smile on her face, and even when situations get stressful she remains polite and helpful.  It’s been said that “Misty is one of those people that leaves a leaves a mark on you when you meet her.” 

Patresa Murphy – Bursar’s Office
Patresa gives 100% when providing customer service. She has a wonderful rapport with parents and students and strives to go above & beyond when helping them. One parent nomination said “Patresa has helped tremendously throughout my daughter’s entire college experience and should be appreciated each & every day.”


April 2008

left to right: Dennis Lovvorn – Public Safety, Cherree Brown – Facilities & Grounds, and Nina Saxon – Human Resources, and Jim Sutherland - Vice President for Business & Finance

Dennis Lovvorn – Public Safety
Dennis displays extraordinary customer service skills, and treats all individuals in a courteous, professional manner.  His calm posture is always assuring to our customers who are concerned about the security of their property.  Dennis is able to describe a complex technical problem in language that anyone can understand.  And even more importantly, he has a manner of speaking in which you feel engaged, not just spoken to.  With a friendly hello and a smile, Dennis always communicates the attitude that it is his pleasure to help you and that he enjoys improving the campus community.

Cherree Brown – Facilities & Grounds
Cherree is well known for her very friendly and outgoing personality on campus.  But perhaps her customer service skills are best known (and appreciated) by the students.  Cherree’s work is focused in Gunn Hall, so she has daily contact with the Advanced Academy students.  And the students have wonderful things to say about her!  She is described as hard-working, kind, and proud of a job well done.  The students feel that she sincerely cares about them.  As these young people are getting their first taste of college life, it is good to know that people like Cherree are having a positive influence.

Nina Saxon – Human Resources
Nina has a wealth of knowledge in the area of payroll and is always willing to help, no matter how busy she is.  Although payroll can be a very time sensitive job, Nina is courteous and helpful even when a deadline is looming near.  Assisting with issues ranging from late timesheets to missing paperwork, she always works diligently to correct these problems without complaining.  In the 6 years Nina has been in Human Resources, she has built a reputation as a “go-to” person for answers and friendly service.


January 2008


left to right: Jim Sutherland - Vice President for Business & Finance, Tim McWhorter – Campus Planning & Development, Jessica Lane – Bursar’s Office, Teresa Traylor – Business & Auxiliary Services

Tim McWhorter – Campus Planning & Development
Tim’s responsibilities on projects around campus put him in direct contact with many other departments.  During these interactions, Tim has established himself as being always polite, always thoughtful, and always on task. He demonstrates superb communication skills and a calm reassuring presence.  It’s even been said that “we would have very few interpersonal difficulties on our campus if all were as good at this as he is.”

Jessica Lane – Bursar’s Office
Jessica works in a department that deals directly with our students on a daily basis.  Often, the Bursar’s Office has to handle difficult situations in which good customer service is critical.  Therefore, it is noteworthy that along with peer nominations, Jessica also received numerous Customer Service Rating Cards with positive feedback from students.  Described as very nice and helpful, Jessica takes a courteous approach to her job – and it is greatly appreciated.

Teresa Traylor – Business & Auxiliary Services
Teresa is always helpful in providing guidance and information to the many customers that rely on the services provided by Auxiliary Services.   Utilizing her 10+ years of experience, she goes out of her way to ensure that problems get resolved, often going the “extra mile” to find an answer. Described as “a model employee who stands as an example to others,” Teresa consistently provides good customer service with a pleasant and professional demeanor.


October 2007

left to right: Jim Sutherland - Vice President for Business & Finance, Hollis Hall – Facilities & Grounds, Anuradha Chandran – Business Information Technology Services, Tracey Head – Business & Auxiliary Services

Hollis Hall – Facilities & Grounds
Hollis has been with the painting department for several years now.  As part of a team that works very hard, Hollis takes great pride in his work and is a person who cares about the institution and how it looks.  He has been described as extremely friendly, pleasant, and professional.  And Hollis passes on his positive attitude by always taking the time to say hello even when he is on a ladder painting overhead. 

Tracey Head – Business & Auxiliary Services
Tracey always has a smile and a kind word.  She has excellent communication skills, and her willingness to help in any way she can makes her a wonderful example of good customer service.  A caring personality and pride in her job sets Tracey apart as a valuable part of our Business & Finance Division.

Anuradha Chandran – Business Information Technology Services
Anuradha is known for many positive attributes such as responsiveness, helpfulness, knowledge, courtesy, and accessibility.  Although she often deals with people when they are frustrated by technology, she is always happy to help and her approach to good customer service makes it a positive experience for her customers. 


July 2007

left to right: Jerry Mock - Interim Vice President for Business & Finance, Kim Henderson – Purchasing, Willie Wynn – Central Stores & Receiving, Georgia White – Facilities & Grounds

Kim Henderson - Purchasing Manager
Although Kim is fairly new to the University of West Georgia, she has been described as “a wonderful addition to our University community. She has a tremendous willingness to research possible solutions to complicated purchasing needs.  Kim is excellent in customer service, knowledgeable of rules and regulations, and just a pleasure to deal with.” 

Willie Wynn - Central Warehouse Stores Clerk II
Willie is “knowledgeable, responsive, courteous, helpful, and accessible.”   Alongside these professional qualities, his positive attitude and cheerful demeanor are well known across campus.  His co-workers have stated it is a “privilege and a pleasure to work with this man.  He is the embodiment of “Professional Excellence in a Personal Environment.” 

Georgia White - Custodian I
Going beyond the normal requirements of the job, Georgia promotes customer service with her caring attitude and attention to detail.  The people that come in contact with Georgia say that she is “unfailingly cheerful and provides a wonderful welcome each morning. Simply greeting us, maintaining cheerfulness, inquiring about our families, and sharing her own news, creates the kind of communication that leads to community.”


April 2007

left to right: Jerry Mock - Interim Vice President for Business & Finance, Sonja Pitts – Campus Mail, Harold Phillips – Facilities, Tamara Lane – Student Financial Services

Sonja Pitts – Window Clerk for Campus Mail 
Sonja makes people feel special by giving her complete attention to them.  She provides detailed instructions in a calm and caring manner and makes sure that the information is understood.   When customers are frustrated, Sonja works hard to address the concern by providing as much information as possible and assuring the customer that everything has been done to resolve the issue.  Sonja takes those extra steps that make all the difference when providing great customer service. 

Harold Phillips – Maintenance Plumber for Facilities
Along with being extremely knowledgeable in his skilled trade as a plumber, Harold is a wonderful example of someone that provides great customer service. He is always courteous and displays an easy going manner when dealing with crisis situations.  He takes the time to explain to the customers what he is going to do and how long it will take.  Always quick to offer a smile and a hello, Harold demonstrates a sincere interest in everyone he meets on campus.

Tamara Lane – Assistant Director for Student Financial Services
Having worked at the University for more than 25 years, Tamara is knowledgeable in all areas of her department. She utilizes her knowledge and experience to provide excellent customer service to the students.  Tamara is an excellent communicator and treats the students with respect, courtesy, and care.  Her co-workers also appreciate that “during the busy times, she is always visible and ready to assist with normal activities as well as the complaints.”


January 2007

left to right: William Gauthier- Vice President for Business & Finance, Jeanette Pollard – Budget Services Elaine Willis – Campus Planning and Facilities, Melba Haynes – Auxiliary Services

Jeanette Pollard – Budget Services
Serving 25 years in an area that manages other areas/departments funding may call for some turbulent challenges - particularly in customer service.  Jeanette Pollard defies this theory through her kind personality, unwavering patience, and her extraordinary ability to communicate the budget process in a manner that is understood by whoever is asking the question.  One nomination stated, “Jeanette is the sweetest person and is always willing to stop what she is doing to answer any question or help me with any problem with my budget that I may have.”

Elaine Willis – Campus Planning and Facilities
Elaine has been employed at UWG since 1998 and is currently the Senior Secretary in Facilities and Grounds.  Because of her work experience within this area, Elaine is considered the “go-to” person for any questions pertaining to Facilities and Grounds.  In addition to her positive outlook and pleasant disposition, Elaine possesses exceptional administrative/clerical skills and will always follow-up with a customer if she is unable to resolve a question.

Melba Haynes – Auxiliary Services
As supervisor of Mail Services, Melba is known campus-wide for her efficiency, courteous disposition, and following-up with the campus community on issues ranging from letters missing stamps to departments missing packages.  Melba demonstrates to everyone how important a smile can be when dealing with a wide range of customers.  An employee since 2001, Melba is a leader by example as the area of Mail Services received the most customer service nominations of any area within Business and Finance.

The Business & Finance Division would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all those employees receiving nominations. And thank you to the campus community for their continued support of this very important program!