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Lean Six Sigma


Long considered as proactive in its continuous improvement efforts, customer service, and best practices, the University of West Georgia’s Division of Business and Finance has launched a Lean Six Sigma initiative that:

• Supports the Chancellor of the Board of Regents challenge to implement systematic process improvement efforts in order to improve effectiveness; and

• Supports Goal Six of the University System of Georgia Strategic Plan to increase the efficiency of business functions, developing a leadership culture and engaging the workforce in process improvement, and establishing accountability metrics for the System. 

Lean Six Sigma (LSS) is a problem solving methodology that is applied by means of specific projects, focused on the customer, driven by data, and supported by analytical tools. LSS supports continuous improvement and leads to improved processes and greater customer satisfaction.

Since 2006, the Division of Business and Finance leadership team has attended Six Sigma instruction earning one black belt, 13 green belts, 14 yellow belts, and 17 white belts.  Using their own continuous improvement template, Business Process Redesign (BPR), B&F leadership have selected data driven processes to identify where Lean Six Sigma can be applied and to determine what benefits can be derived. 

Completed Projects