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Housing and Residence Life Qualifications

The following are resumes for the staff of Housing and Residence Life:

Stephen Whitlock - Director

Stephanie Carter - Associate Director

Tim McWhorter - Assistant Director of Facilities

Tim Reilly - Assistant Director of Administrative Operations

Dawn Vavirk Palmer - Assistant Director of Residence Life

Diane Bowen - Manager of Housing Occupancy Management

Tracey A Kirkland - Manager of Housing Operations

Stephanie Parker - Business Operations Specialist

Alan Thomas - Manager of Housing Facilities

Jason Bretch - Academy Residential Coordinator

Ashley Dobbs - Area Coordinator

Nikki Kogan - Residential Conduct Coordinator

Heidi Neely - Area Coordinator

Christine O'Dea - Residence Life Coordinator

Rebecca Watson - Assignments Coordinator

Becky Pritchett - Residence Life Coordinator

Sarah Doherty - Residence Life Coordinator

Andy Russell - Residence Life Coordinator