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What is the HigherOne Card?

The West Georgia HigherOne Card functions as a MasterCard Debit Card, which is accepted by more than 31 million merchants worldwide. It can serve as a primary bank account while allowing cardholders to get cash from ATMs, write checks, send and receive money electronically, and monitor their accounts online. Students will also be able to receive their financial aid refunds electronically through this new system.   All freshmen who attend Summer Orientations will recieve their HigherOne Card in the mail at the beginning of Fall Semester. Do not throw this away! You must activate this card in order to receive the following financial disbursements from West Georgia:

The HigherOne card is a true debit card in that any funds that reside on this card can be spent at any worldwide merchant that accepts debit cards. The campus locations where you can use the funds on this card are:

If you order an active replacement HigherOne card via the web or with HigherOne customer service, you will be assessed a $20 replacement fee by Higher One.  To order a replacement HigherOne card for an account that was never activated, you must contact The Wolves Card Office.  The replacement fee is non-refundable.

For any questions about HigherOne, please call 1-866-894-1141.

For your convenience there is a Higher One Customer Service Hot Line phone located in the Wolves Card office. You may contact a Higher One representative via this phone, Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm.