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Frequently Asked Questions About the HigherOne Card

Below is a list of frequently asked questions and answers relating to the HigherOne card here at the University of West Georgia. If the question you have is not covered in this section, please refer to HigherOne's Easy Help section by clicking here and then clicking on the 'Easy Help' link near the bottom of the page.

How do I get access to my HigherOne Account? My password is not working.
How do I deposit money to my HigherOne Account?

You can deposit money into your HigherOne account in the following ways:

Do you have a "generic" deposit form I can use?
How did I get a negative balance on my HigherOne Account?
How can I close my HigherOne Account?
How can I stop someone from using my lost HigherOne card until I have the money to pay for a replacement card?
I'm not even sure I ever got a card - I may have thrown it away by accident - do I still have to pay for a replacement?
I'm about to graduate, so why do I have to go through with this whole card process when all I want is a check?