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The University Writing Center

The University Writing Center (UWC) is closed for the Spring 2014 semester. We will re-open on Monday, June 9th for the Summer 2014 sessions.

~UWC Staff


At the University Writing Center, faculty and graduate tutors assist students with all areas of the writing process.
We offer free 30-minute individual tutorials and welcome students from all disciplines, at any level.

How to Make an Appointment

You can call us at 678-839-6513, visit us in TLC 1201, or email us at writing@westga.edu

To make an appointment you will need your:

You can schedule a 1-hour tutorial if English is not your first language or if you have a documented learning disability.

It's best to schedule your tutorial well before your assignment is due, so you'll have time to improve your work.

Sometimes we're booked, and your preferred appointment time may not be available; we'll absolutely do our best to work something out. All the same, it's smart to make an appointment 2-4 days before it becomes urgent.

Try to let us know a day in advance if you need to cancel your tutorial.

What to Bring

When you come in for your tutorial, please bring a printed copy of your work, rather than your laptop. We do not have printing services here at the UWC, but there are printing services in the TLC computer lab just down the hall.

If you are in the beginning stages of your assignment (i.e. brainstorming) and don't have a completed draft, bring your assignment from your professor and any notes you've taken about the assignment.

You will also need to have in mind a question or concern about your assignment. Ask yourself what your greatest concern is. What area do you struggle with the most? What part of your paper makes you feel uncertain?


What to Expect During a Tutorial

When you arrive at the UWC for your tutorial, you will check-in on the computer. This can take a moment or two. It is a good idea to arrive approximately 5 minutes early. If you arrive more than 10 minutes late, you will miss out on your tutorial and need to reschedule.

The receptionist will show you to your tutor.

During your tutorial, your tutor will begin by asking about your concerns. This is the time to let your tutor know exactly what you're worried about or what aspect of your writing assignment is posing a challenge. Tutors are seeking to address your concerns, not identify your errors, so they will not evaluate or proofread your work. Instead, they will coach you through your problem areas so that you will be able to spot issues and correct your own work in the future. Please be understanding if your tutor and professor do not give you the same suggestions. They are two different people, after all. Also, try not to get too attached to one specific tutor. The more tutors you work with, the greater perspective you'll get on your writing.

You will generally leave the tutorial with a new direction for revision or drafting. For this reason, it is ideal to schedule a tutorial at least 2-4 days before your assignment is due.