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Why should I come to the Writing Center?

The Writing Center is here to help students improve their writing skills. This is not limited to English courses. We welcome students from all disciplines. All appointments are free.

Who can use/come to the Writing Center?

Any student registered and enrolled at UWG for the current semester can use the Writing Center.  

Where is the Writing Center, and what are the hours?

The Writing Center is located in TLC 1201. For the Summer 2014 sessions, we are open Monday through Thursday, 10 a.m.-3 p.m. We open Monday, June 9th, and we remain open until Thursday, July 17th.

If you are not familiar with the TLC building, just look for the mural (see below).



What happens during an appointment?

You meet individually for 30 minutes with a tutor who is also an English faculty member or an English Graduate Research Assistant. During the tutorial, the tutor will work with you on specific concerns you may have. 

Are appointments required?

They are not mandatory but encouraged. We cannot guarantee that walk-ins will be able to see a tutor.

How do I make an appointment?

To make an appointment you can come by TLC 1201, call us at 678-839-6513, or e-mail us at writing@westga.edu.

Who will be my tutor?

Your tutor will be a Department of English faculty member or an English graduate student.

Can I request a particular tutor?

Yes, you may, but please be advised that each tutor only works three hours per week, so it may be difficult to satisfy your request. Also, you may only see each tutor once per paper unless the Manager makes an exception. However, all of our tutors are excellent, so anyone will be able to work with you.

How long will my appointment be, and how often can I come in?

Each appointment is 30 minutes, unless English is your second language or you identify having a documented learning disability. In these cases, the appointment will be one hour.

You may come in no more than two times per day, or three appointments in one week. Sorry, no exceptions unless it is cleared with the Manager or the Director under extraordinary circumstances.

What should I bring to the appointment?

Please bring your assignment sheet (or guidelines for scholarship work), a hard copy of your essay (if your essay is on a flash drive, we cannot guarantee a free computer for tutorial work. Always try to bring a print-out), and any resources you may need help citing.

What is a workshop?

A workshop is a special presentation the Writing Center holds each week on a specific writing topics such as Quote Integrations, Passive versus Active voice, and Introductions and Conclusions. Click on the Workshop tab to the left for more information.

What if English is not my first language?

The Writing Center welcomes multilingual students! You may schedule a 1-hour appointment to make sure there is enough time for content questions and language questions. You can make appointments just to talk about language, too. Feel free to use our computers to write papers or to practice English online, using sites like these.


Do you do group tutorials, and if so, can one member of a group bring in an essay that the entire group has worked on?

Yes, we do have group tutorials. We ask that as many group members as possible come to help make the essay cohesive.

Can you help me cite sources?

Yes. We also have style guides online in the Resources section and an MLA style guide in the Workshop section.

Can you help me with grammar?

Yes, but we do not proofread essays. So, if tutors notice a particular grammar problem, they will teach you how to recognize and correct the error. We expect you to learn how to proofread your own work.

Will my professor know that I have come to the Writing Center?

Other than specific requests, your professor will not know of your attendance. You may request a verification form for your tutor to fill out at the end of the session.

Who can I contact if I have a question or comment about the Writing Center?

You can contact the Director, Brandy James, at bjames@westga.edu or 678-839-4881 and/or the Manager, Duane Theobald, at dtheobal@westga.edu or 678-839-5312.

What happens if campus closes due to weather or other events?

If campus closes for any reason, the Writing Center closes as well, and no workshops occur. If you have an appointment, please call us the following day at 678-839-6513 to reschedule.