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Spring 2014 Workshop Schedule

Spring 2014 Workshops

Wednesdays & Thursdays, 1-2 p.m.

TLC 2237


January 29th & 30th: Developing Ideas: Moving from "Topic" to "Paper"-Handout/PowerPoint

February 5th & 6th: Crafting Thesis Statements and Utilizing Topic Sentences-Handout/PowerPoint

February 12th & 13th: Developing Strong, Eloquent Paragraphs-Handout/PowerPoint

February 19th & 20th: Quote What?: Using Quotations Effectively/MLA at a Glance-Handout/PowerPoint

February 26th & 27th: MLA & APA Style Boot Camp-Handout/PowerPoint

March 5th & 6th: Revisiting Your Work: Grappling with Graded Assignments/Feedback-Handout #1/Handout #2/PowerPoint

March 12th & 13th: Grammar Check: Correcting Comma Splices, Sentence Fragments, and Weak Verbs-Handout/PowerPoint

March 26th & 27th: Polishing and Proofreading Your Writing-Handout/PowerPoint

April 9th & 10th: Professional/Technical Writing: The Basics-Handout/PowerPoint

*Click here for a copy of the Spring 2014 Workshop poster*