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FAQs for Faculty

Why do we have a University Writing Center?

The UWC gives students the techniques and practice to improve their writing skills. The UWC serves students from all disciplines.

Who can use the University Writing Center?

Any student enrolled at the University of West Georgia may use the UWC. All appointments are free.

Who are the tutors?

Currently, tutors are either professors from UWG's Department of English and Philosophy or English Graduate Research Assistants.

What happens during a tutorial?

We ask that students bring their assignment sheets and drafts of their papers to the UWC. The tutor will ask them what area they feel needs the most work (idea, organization, grammar, citation, etc). They will then read through the work, focusing on the area specified. Finally, the tutors will help the student develop a plan to improve the draft.

Do your tutors assess the essays during a tutorial?

It is not our function to assess writing done in your classes. Our tutors are specifically instructed to not grade essays during a tutorial. Even if students ask, tutors will not give them a grade for the essay.

Can I require my entire class to bring their papers to the University Writing Center?

Entire classes will greatly strain our resources. Instead, please use the referral form to refer specific students that need help to us. Make sure that you ask your students to pick up verification slips so that they can prove they were here. The slips include a brief summary of the tutorial and are signed by their tutor.

How can I encourage my students to use the University Writing Center?

The staff of the UWC is happy and willing to come to your class and talk about what the UWC can provide. Please contact Duane Theobald at dtheobal@westga.edu if you are interested in scheduling a class visit.

Will I know when one of my students uses the University Writing Center?

We do provide verification of visits to the UWC. If you like, you can have any student pick up a verification sheet at the front desk. Please, however, let the student know that they need to request this slip before leaving the UWC.

Many of my students turn in papers that have many grammar and spelling mistakes. Can I send them to the UWC for proofreading?

You can send your students to the UWC for help, but please know that we cannot be responsible for proofreading. Rather, your student will be able to learn which problems are most prevalent and how to identify and fix them in their papers. We will not point out every mistake in the essay. Since this is a learning process and not a quick fix for a better grade, it will take several appointments for the student to be able to improve the quality of the writing in the essays that they turn in to you. It is their job to proofread their own paper.

Will the University Writing Center help students document sources?

Yes, we will. Please give your students a list of documentation styles that are acceptable so the tutors know which resources to use (i.e., MLA, APA, Chicago, ASA, etc). Again, we expect students to do most of the work on the essays themselves so that they can learn the process. So we might do an example citation, but they will do the others on their own. Please visit our Student Resources section for more information on citation formats.

Can a student drop off a paper and pick it up later?

No. Because the tutorial is a dialogue between the tutor and the student, the student must be present.

How does the UWC help with group papers?

We do offer group tutorials. We ask that as many group members be present as possible so that we can make sure all of the ideas and concerns of the individual group members are reflected in the essay.

I've had students who have visited the University Writing Center and still turned in papers that still contain problematic writing. Why?

Each appointment is limited to 30 minutes or one hour, depending on their circumstances. One session will not be sufficient to address all the areas of concern in an essay. Therefore, we encourage students to come by several times before an essay is due. Even then, there may be issues that will take more than a semester to resolve.

Can the University Writing Center staff conduct workshops or presentations for my students?

Yes, we can, time permitting. We can send a representative to your class to introduce the Writing Center and its goals. Also, your students are welcome to join our workshops. Please have your students visit our Workshop Schedule page in the Student Resources section of the site for more information.