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Helpful Handouts/Resources

Kindly keep in mind: Many of these handouts were used at our highly interactive UWC Writing Workshops, so you will notice many parts that need to be filled in by the learner or would benefit from explanation by an instructor. Your best bet is to print out the handout or scroll through, and if something doesn't make sense, come to the UWC and we'll help!

Also, please note that the University Writing Center has a wide variety of reference texts available for use in our main office. For a complete list of these texts, check out our catalog.


Introductions and Conclusions

Verbs #1

Verbs #2


Ten (Comma)ndments

Clause Structure Powerpoint

Clause Structure

Concise, Specific Language

Integrating Quotations Powerpoint

Integrating Quotations #1

Integrating Quotations #2

Thesis Statements

Thesis Statements and Topic Sentences

Paragraph Structure and Development

General Writing Advice

Active Reading

MLA Tips

MLA Format Example

Chicago/Turabian Tips

TEAS Powerpoint

TEAS Diagnostics

Writing a Personal Statement

Revising a Personal Statement

Research and Citations 101

Achieving Cohesion