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IDS and XIDS refer to the cross-disciplinary and interdisciplinary nature of courses in various programs and across the UWG curriculum. IDS programs include three major degrees: A B.S. ENST in Environmental Studies (Course prefix ENVS), A B.S. ENVS in Environmental Sciences (Course prefix ENVS) and a B.A. in Global Studies (Course prefix GLOB); it also includes programs in Africana Studies, American Studies, Canadian Studies, Film Studies, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Latin American Studies and Women's Studies. Each of these programs includes courses from a range of academic departments and disciplines. See the related links for program requirements and course offerings. XIDS courses can be team-taught or by a single professor. The purpose is to offer, through special topics, an integrative learning experience that results in a new and enhanced perspective. Three XIDS courses in the core are templates for creating a variety of new, topic-driven sections.