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This page provides information useful to faculty in curriculum assessment and in developing interdisciplinary courses.

XIDS CORE courses must be reveiwed and approved by the XIDS Core Review Committee.Submissions to the committee may be made by using the online forms linked here on this page. Enquiries and submissions should be made to Dr. Aran MacKinnon through the Center for Interdisciplinary Studies, amackinn@westga.edu,


XIDS CORE Review Committee: Chair: Dr. John Blair (Foreign Languages), Dr. Heidi Banford (Biology) Dr. Maria Doyle (English), Dr. Neema Noori (Sociology), Dr. Lisa Gezon (Anthropology), Dr. Rita Tekippe (Art), Dr. Aran MacKinon (History) -ex officio.    

Curriculum & Assessment

Interdisciplinary Activity at UWG

Executive Summary of XIDS Program Assessment

UWG XIDS Program Assessment

UWG XIDS Committee Recommendations

AIS (Association of Integrative Studies) Standards

(UWG is a Supporting Member of the AIS)




For further information on Developing XIDS Courses please see:

For more information about XIDS courses as they relate to the Core Areas B2, C1, E4, Please see the Core Curriculum.