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UWG XIDS Committee Recommendations

  1. Add a standard question to the scantron faculty evaluation form for all XIDS and W courses.
    - Instituted Spring, 2002.
  2. Require all XIDS faculty to insert a brief statement explaining the nature of interdisciplinary work. (This will be developed and approved by faculty committees.)
    - Will institute after Fall 2002 and call for proposals.
  3. Improve XIDS website to include links to AIS and on-line articles.
    - Currently underway; new web site on-line.
  4. Improve communication of XIDS to all faculty.
    - Underway; new web site design.
  5. Develop ways to improve resources (backlog) issues for C1 and B2).
    - Underway.
  6. Conduct thorough assessment.
    - Completed assessment Spring 2002 using AIS National Standards.
  7. Establish more Faculty Development opportunities.
    - Creating a workshop for 2002-2003 through the Center for Teaching and Learning.