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Approved Topics/Themes

Updated 2003

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XIDS 2001/2002: What do you really know about ...?

Topic  Faculty 
Africa  Gezon/MacKinnon 
Environmental Studies  Khan 
the Physical Universe  Hasbun 
Antigone  Gagnon/Taylor 
Surrealism and Contemporary Culture  M. LaFountain 
Postmodernism  M. LaFountain 
Female Adolescent Development  Stone/Aanstoos 
Youth Violence  Stone 
Cinema and the 20th century world  Novak
Classical Detective Fiction  Chalfant 
The Sixties  Miller 
Light Color and its Applications  Manuel 
Geoarchaeology  Ivester 
Women in Science  Lea-Fox/Kennedy/Jackson 
Popular Culture in Latin America  Snipes 
Africana Studies  Sample 
Leadership  Garmon/Rice 
Darwinian Evolution  Waters/Bartley 
Georgia Archaeology  Steinen 
Computer and Information  Lloyd 
Backstage  Elman/Manuel/Theatre Faculty 
Minority Health Care  Stewart 
Managing Life Choices  Sethna 
Global Environmental Change  Dadge/Pearson 
Engineering**  DeMayo/Sharmistha/Kath 
Nursing**  Guynn/Berhardt 
Culture of Family**  Hill 
Making Decisions**  Morgan/Stackhouse/Dillon/Fishman 
Medicine**  Osborne 
Children**  Dillon 
Pre-Health**  Khan/Geisler 
Hispanic Culture**  Overfield 

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XIDS 2100: Arts and Ideas: Special Topics

Topic  Faculty 
The Creative Process  Creative Writing Faculty in English 
Romanticism  Auble/Steele-Hamme/Farmer 
Classical Mythology in Film  Novak 
Classical Greek Civilization  Foreign Languages Faculty 
Classical Roman Civilization  Foreign Languages Faculty 
World Cultures and Societies  Foreign Languages Faculty 
The Fin de Siecle in Germany and Austria  Blair 
The Monstrous and the Grotesque  English/Philosophy Faculty 
The Christian Tradition  English/Philosophy Faculty 
Modernism  English/Philosophy Faculty 
Medievalism  English/Philosophy Faculty 
Mythology & Religion  Lipoma, L. 
Classicism in the West  English/Philosophy Faculty 
Post-Modern Experimentalism  English/Philosophy Faculty 
Representing American Womanhood  MacComb 
Philosophy of World Art  Art Faculty 
Romanticism  L. Crafton 
American Musical Theatre  Theatre Faculty 
Latin American Women Writers  Lee 
Don Quixote  Lee 
Women Film Directors  Frickey 
Spanish Golden Age  Lee 
Jazz, Film, and Fiction  Frickey 
Hallie Flanagan and the WPA  Elman 
The Fantastic in Literature and the Arts  Tyler 
The Anti-War Film  Miller/Novak 
Obscenity and Aesthetics  Gagnon 
The Sixties and Theatre  Gagnon 
Mysterious and Horrors in German Literature and Film  Blair 
German History in Film and Painting  Blair 
Kafka and the Kafkaesque in Literature and Film  Blair 
The Bible and Artistic Interpretations  Stackhouse 
Cuba: Past, Present, and Future  Berenschot 
Political Theatre/Political Theory  Howe/Theatre Faculty 
The America's Nobel Prize Laureates  Tyler 
Conquest of the West  Miller/Novak 
Ecocriticism: Literature and/of the Environment  L. Crafton 
Brazilian Culture  Garcia 
Chinese Society  Jan 
Potatoes, Papists, and Politics  Cormican 
Images of Women on Stage and Screen  Cuomo 
Harlem Renaissance and Politics of American Culture  Sample 
Laughing Matters: The Social Meaning of Comedy  Doyle 
The Holocaust, Resistance and Response  Elman/Voyles 
Art and Architecture of Asia, India, China, and Japan  Tekippe, R. 
Mythology  Crafton, M. 
Hawaii  Morgan, P. 
Women in 20th Century Germany  Cormican, M. 
The Arab World: A Culture in Transition  Hamil, M. 
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XIDS 2300: Interdisciplinary Studies in the Social Sciences: Special Topics

Topic  Faculty 
Hazardous Waste  Neuby 
The Individual and Society  Aanstoos 
Ecopsychology  Aanstoos 
Cultural Studies: TV  Aanstoos 
Technological Society  Aanstoos 
The Human Touch  Aanstoos 
History of Childhood  Aanstoos 
Global Citizenship in the 21st Century  Mustakova-Possardt 
The Russian Psyche  McClarnand 
Chinese Society  Jan 

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