American Association of University Professors
Georgia Conference

Agenda: Spring 2012 Meeting
Friday March 30 and Saturday March 31, 2012

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Friday, March 30th

Location: Home of Anne Richards
301 Dixie Street, Carrollton, GA, 30117
(770) 834-8143


2:00 Meeting of the Executive Committee, Georgia Conference
Home of Anne Richards
Reports from each member of the Executive Committee

6:00 Reception of Conference Attendees
Home of Anne Richards
Sponsored by the Georgia Conference

7:00 Dinner at Local Restaurants
Attendee's Expense

Saturday, March 31st

Campus of UWG
Food Services (Z-6) Building
Executive Dining Room, Second Floor
1601 Maple Street, Carrollton, GA, 30118


9:00 Morning snacks and coffee
Provided by University of West Georgia Chapter, AAUP

10:00 Call to Order and Welcome
Christine Ziegler
President, Georgia Conference

10:15 Roll Call of State Chapters

10:30 Welcome
Beheruz Sethna
President, University of West Georgia

11:00 Conference Business

A. Report from Hugh Hudson
     Executive Secretary, Georgia Conference

B. Report from Steve Anthony
     Lobbyist, Georgia Conference

12:00 Lunch

Lunch at Z6 (the site of this meeting) is $5.37 (tax included) if you have your faculty ID.

1:00 C. Report from Lucy Garmon
     Treasurer, Georgia Conference

D. Reports from At Large Representatives
     Cathy Scott, Gail Pat Parsons, Robert A. Yarbrough

E. Committee on Contingent Faculty
     Robert M. Scott

F. Committee F: Membership
     Roger Marietta

G. Committee W: Status of Women
     Kim Davies

H. Committee on Economic Status of the Profession
     Mark Fissel

I. Warren Akin Award
     Frank Minor

J. Webmaster
     Dan Van Kley

K. Reports
     Chapters from around the State

Conference planning session: Based on the information presented in the reports from officers and committee chairs, this closing session will focus on planning what the membership feels are the appropriate next steps.

We will establish a series of actions steps for implementing these next steps.

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