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Honors College
The Advanced Academy is administratively housed in the University’s Honors College, and Academy students are automatically qualified for and encouraged to enroll in at least one Honors course each semester.  Benefits of the Honors College include:

Course Scheduling
Most, but not all, of The Advanced Academy students continue to be dual-enrolled with their home high school and the University of West Georgia.  The coursework Academy students complete at the University of West Georgia serves to complete high school graduation requirements.  Classes are taken exclusively at the college level, and the high school diploma is issued by the high school.

Those Academy students who plan to earn a high school diploma must meet graduation requirements established by the Georgia Board of Education and their own local systems' Board of Education.  This means that Academy students must complete the same number of English, science, math, social science, foreign language, physical education and health, and elective credits (Carnegie Units) as all other Georgia public high school students.  A 1 or 2 semester hour course is equivalent of .5 Carnegie Units, and a 3-5 semester hour course is the equivalent of 1 Carnegie Unit.

Kate Theobald is the academic advisor for The Advanced Academy of Georgia.  She works with each student individually to build a course schedule that meets that student's needs and interests.