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Our Mission

The Advanced Academy of Georgia is a residential, early entrance to college program for gifted and talented high school-aged students. Our mission is to provide an enriched, residential, early entrance to college program for carefully selected, bright, and motivated high school students who are interested in accelerating their academic careers. The Academy seeks to provide opportunities for educational advancement in an environment that supports students in developing the skills that will help to ensure their success, both in the Academy and as future leaders.

Students generally apply during their sophomore or junior year, but we also occasionally accept younger, high ability students. We are located on the campus of the University of West Georgia-- a comprehensive doctoral institution with over one hundred programs of study, including the University's 2-2 Regent's Engineering Transfer Program with the Georgia Institute of Technology.

The Advanced Academy of Georgia is one of only a few programs in the United States that provide the opportunity to earn concurrent high school and college credit in a full-time residential program. The Academy is NOT a high school. Our students exclusively take regularly scheduled university classes taught by university professors for which they receive high school and university credit.

We explore and develop the unique gifts of each individual mind, heart, body, and spirit, offering an unparalleled opportunity for individuals to achieve their dreams. At the Advanced Academy, academic opportunities are virtually unlimited. Whether the dream is to become an astronaut, chemical engineer, software designer, medical professional, author, musician, or professor, we have a program for you!