Awesome Action Verbs

When writing a thesis statement, main assertion, or analysis, only use language that both conveys the meaning of your argument and makes your argument more sophisticated. Use this list of awesome action verbs to strengthen your writing.

Use the present tense form of the AA Verb. Ex.: The author reinforces the reader's enduring sense of injustice through the cruel characterization of the protagonist.

Expound Expand Assume Justify Ironize Multiply Denounce Account
Illuminate Review Perceive Link Address Diagnose Agree Censure
Expose Problematize Detect Manipulate Contend Position Guide Configure
Depict Descend Inform Instruct Isolate Succeed Maintain Persuade
Render Interpret Contradict Challenge Respond Reinforce Allege Present
Conflict Enable Expose Conceal Pronounce Analyze Characterize Bolster
Instigate Coach Examine Probe Detach Conjecture Adapt Study
Question Broaden Recall Clarify Investigate Evaluate Distinguish Echo
Scrutinize Highlight Amplify Dismiss Craft Confirm Emphasize Intensify
Alter Attain Disprove Underscore Reconfigure Elevate Discuss Verify
Focus Remain Conflate Posit Divulge Feature Deride Negate
Obscure Create Accentuate Shroud Disclose Disguise Generate Attest
Authorize Enforce Trigger Fashion Initiate Dramatize Conceive Rationalize
Form Shape Illustrate Augment Treat Construct Transform Represent
Identify Carry Construct Transform Represent Identify Carry Deconstruct
Frame Explain Witness Validate Reconstruct Support Prove Attribute
Engage Build Sustain Demonstrate Arrange Elaborate Produce Suggest
Exhibit Evoke Condense Invent Propose Display Advance Connect
Condemn Imply Express Dismantle Defy Claim Insinuate Reveal
Argue Divulge Hint Indicate Establish Enable Warp Obstruct
Signify Offer Explore Misconceive Veil Denote Exist Negotiate
Grasp Dispute Connote Portray Mediate Recognize Renounce Critique
Describe Simulate Ascribe Criticize Interrogate Cause Denounce Assign
Consider Situate Exemplify Organize Shape Access Assert Epitomize
Work Accept Heighten Complicate Embody Prioritize Radicalize Fail
Associate Explicate Produce Navigate Refer Insist Instruct Counteract