Young Adult Literature:  Class Resource Page

Link to the Assessment Instrument for Major Assignments:

Grading Rubric (for Upper-Division English Classes)

Links to Guidelines for each Major Assignment (added the day each is assigned):

On the Brink Essay

Justification Paper

One 90-minute, standards-based Lesson Plan with a Prefatory Rationale

Links to Resources for Writers in College:

The Online Writing Lab (OWL) at Purdue 

The Writing Process

Food for Thought:  The MEAL Plan

MLA Guidelines from The Online Writing Lab at Purdue University 

Links to Resources for Teaching Writers in Secondary Schools:

OWL Resources for Grades 7-12 Instructors and Students

S.O.A.P.S Tone

Grammar Bytes 


KWL Method

“Grammar for High School:  A Sentence Composing Approach—A Student Worktext

“Good Grief, It’s Grammar Time!” from Education World

Links Related to Adolescent Cognitive, Moral, and Psychosocial Development Schema:


Bloom’s Taxonomy

Bloom’s Taxonomy and Revisions

Gardner:  Multiple Intelligences 

Gardner Graphic:  Ways of Knowing

William Perry’s Scheme of Intellectual and Ethical Development

Links to Young Adult Literature Resources:

ALAN Online


CMC/EBSS Webliography on Children's and Young Adult Literature

YALSA: Young Adult Library Services Association

Children's and Young Adult Literature and Culture Links

Vandergrift’s YA Literature Page 

Cynthia Leitich Smith's Children's and Young Adult Literature Resources

Myth Man’s Homework Help Site

Links to Governing Agencies:

The Conceptual Framework  

Common Core Georgia Performance Standards for English Language Arts (ELA) K-12 

Georgia Department of Education  

NCTE’s Standards (downloadable PDF)   

Links to Resources for Reading Film (Useful for Viewing Under the Same Moon):

The Basics of How to Read a Film

The 'Grammar' of Television and Film

Film Analysis:  Yale Film Studies

“On the Scene:  Analyzing Scenes in Film and Literature”

Worksheet for Analyzing Film Trailers as Persuasive Texts

Link to Various Suggestions for Successful Film Annotation:

Helpful Hints and Links for Crafting Winning Annotation

Links to Exemplars of Major Assignments:

Daily Driving Questions (one class period’s worth)

Daily Driving Questions (one class period’s worth)

Daily Driving Questions (one class period’s worth)

Detailed, Procedural Lesson Plan (Sample One)

Detailed, Procedural Lesson Plan (Sample Two)

Detailed, Procedural Lesson Plan (Sample Three)

On the Brink Essay (Sample One)

On the Brink Essay (Sample Two)

Links to Lesson Plan Templates (Use for Structuring/Inspiration):





Links to Assigned Short Stories

“The Lottery,” by Shirley Jackson

“The Most Dangerous Game,” by Richard Connell