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Art Foundations

The Foundations program in the Department of Art at the University of West Georgia teaches beginning students fundamental design and technical skills while encouraging self direction and conceptual thinking. Foundation courses must be completed before moving onto upper-level course work.

Foundations Faculty:
Clint Samples //
Stephanie Smith //
Casey McGuire //
Eilis Crean //
Erin Dixon //

BA Studio Art

BA Art History

Art History courses help prepare students to live in a media-saturated world by building skills in visual analysis, critical thinking, research, writing, and oral presentation. The Art History program at UWG offers courses in a wide range of geographical and chronological areas. The strengths of its faculty lie in the study of medieval art and modern/contemporary art and theory. Courses emphasize the interrelationship between art and historical influences, such as the links between medieval pilgrimage and the artworks created to reinforce religious teachings and inspire spiritual responses, and the relationship between art making and critical theory in treating the changing concept of the avant-garde. Courses also take advantage of local galleries and museums, utilizing exhibitions on campus for assignments or requiring a trip to the High Museum of Art in Atlanta, the Michael C. Carlos Museum at Emory University, or The Contemporary Art Center in Atlanta. Students have further opportunities to study works of art in person through “museum seminars,” courses which include travel to cities such as New York, Chicago, and Paris (the last through the department’s study abroad program based in Bayeux, France).

Art History Faculty:
Dr. Rita Tekippe //
Mary Ann Dougan //

BFA Art Education & Initial Certification

UWG offers two programs in Art Education that lead to teaching certification T-4 (K-12): the B.F.A. in Art Education is designed for undergraduate candidates, while the Post-Baccalaureate Initial Certification in Art is designed for candidates holding an undergraduate degree from an accredited institution.  Both programs focus on providing quality education, instruction, and guidance to assist pre-service art teaching candidates to become highly effective and efficient art teachers.  Emphasis is placed on providing an awareness of traditional and contemporary approaches to teaching art and for methods of developing meaningful, cohesive art curricula applicable to children of all ages, aptitudes, and abilities. The programs place emphasis on teaching and learning strategies that are based on interdisciplinary and cross-curricula approaches to education, which integrate art production, art history, art criticism, and aesthetics with other subject fields.

Art Education Faculty:
Jim O'Donnell //


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BFA in Art: Concentration in Graphic Design

UWG Graphic Design is a small, quality program that focuses on solid foundations of design, with an emphasis on typography, print design, and traditional craft combined with computer skills in a new state-of-the-art Mac lab. the program features cross-disciplinary coursework which includes related areas such as photography and printmaking. a basic web design course is also offered.

Graphic Design Faculty:
Joey Hannaford //

Cassie Hester //


BFA in Art: Concentration in Ceramics

UWG Ceramics is a comprehensive fine art ceramics program that emphasizes conceptual potency articulated though a high degree of technical proficiency. As Students leave the program they are equipped to with a professional portfolio to apply for graduate study, residency research, or gallery representation.

Ceramics Faculty:
David Collins //

BFA in Art: Concentration in Painting

UWG Painting uses various paint mediums as a vehicle for visual expression. Open ended painting problems from both nature and the imagination will be presented. Students will learn how to matt and frame their paintings. As Students leave the program they are equipped to with a professional portfolio to apply for graduate study, residency research, or gallery representation.

Painting Faculty:
Eillis Crean //
Erin Dixon //
Clint Samples //

BFA in Art: Concentration in Photography

UWG Photography program addresses the many uses of photography in fine arts, advertising, and journalism. Photography is a fundamental part of our culture and students are encouraged to explore its many philosophical and commercial possibilities. Cross-disciplinary coursework includes related areas such as Graphic Design and Printmaking.

Photography Faculty:
Mark Schoon//

BFA in Art: Concentration in Printmaking

Printmaking at UWG is designed to encourage creative problem solving tantamount to the diverse techniques housed under the printmaking umbrella. Printmaking is
the perfect hybrid medium in which one can apply drawing based approaches with painterly, even sculptural techniques. Traditional techniques and edition printing is emphasized at the introductory level while experimentation and developing a personal aesthetic are the focus of advanced classes. Cross-disciplinary work is encouraged while other studio areas utilize these facilities to introduce students to such techniques and Graphic Design’s use of the letterpress facilities to parallel and define the origin of computer terminology.

Printmaking Faculty:
Debrah Santini //
Stephanie Smith //

BFA in Art: Concentration in Sculpture

UWG Sculpture is a comprehensive fine art program that focuses on assisting young artists to discover and develop their own visual language. A sculpture program where vision is supported by traditional and non-traditional techniques and the boundaries of sculpture can be exploited


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