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Travel to Paris and the Normandy region of northern France with the Department of Art! Normandy is an area rich in history, the medieval capital of France, and more recently the heart of the D-Day invasion during World War II. Students can take art history and studio art courses, as well as a variety of courses outside of the Department of Art. The summer study abroad program is approximately 3 weeks and includes the Normandy region and Paris. Funding for these trips is available through scholarships and HOPE pays tuition costs.

For class info and details contact:
Anne Gaquere, Program Director

Site visits include:


The Museum Seminar is designed to give students exposure to major museums and the experience of viewing works of art in person. The course is organized around a 4 or 5 day trip to a particular city such as New York City. In the classroom, students study the art collections and architecture of the city in preparation for the trip; after the trip, assignments are designed to foster reflection on the trip and further research on selected artworks. The student is responsible for paying an extra charge for travel (which includes air travel, hotel, and museum admissions). Course may be repeated up to 16 hours credit as long as destination changes. For more information, please contact Dr. Heather Vinson (


Museum Seminar destinations:

Fall 2013-New York City
Fall 2010-Chicago, Illinois
Fall 2009-New York City
Spring 2008-New York City

The department has a student exchange program with Saimaa University in Imatra Finland. The Arts programs reside in Imatra, while the majority of disciplines exist on the main campus in Lappeenranta. UWG art students would spend up to 6 months, while faculty exchanges would be for shorter defined times. For more information, please contact Chair Kevin Shunn (