A Celebration of Chet (January 19, 2007)
Chet's letter to family and friends [Word doc] [pdf]
Wendy's eulogy [Word doc] [pdf]
"At the Cancer Clinic" [Word doc] [pdf]
Brett's comments [Word doc] [pdf]
Ralph's comments [pdf]
Pictures [Andy's] [Deirdre's]
Chet Meeks Memorial Fund in Sociology [poster] [letter]
Samples of Chet's Brilliance
Chet's "This I Believe" essay [Word doc] [pdf]
Chet's blog [here]
Quoting Chet (the 2007 birthday roast) [Word doc] [pdf]
A rare moment of honesty [here]
Some of his published work [Meeks2001][Meeks2006]
Chet in Pictures
"The Quintessential Chet" (the picture at left) [here]
Chet in pictures [Andy's 1][Andy's 2][Deirdre's][Tom's]
2007 Birthday poster [pdf] [web]
Chet-zilla [jpg] [pdf]

Chet E. Meeks

Spinning a yarn [mov]