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The Development And Benefits Of An Integrated Sales Program

by James H. Burton, Joel Haynes, Brian Rutherford, and Jennifer Allen


A Pilot Study For Assuring Thinking Skills Learning In The BBA Curriculum

by Nikki McIntyre Finlay and Michael H. Deis


Effective Use Of Technology In The Classroom

by Bruce L. McManis


Assessing Academic Advising Using Behaviorally Anchored Rating Scales (BARS)

by Paul L. Govekar and Jill Ellen R. Christopher


Using A Computer Simulation To Provide A Realistic Framework For Analysis Of Issues In Business Ethics

by Joann Segovia, Marsha Weber, Philip Mouch, and Thomas Pearce


Strategies To Improve Students' Presentation Skills

by Brenda Hayden Sheets and Lou Tillson


Assessment of Core Courses and Factors that Influence the Choice of a Major: A "Major" Bias?

by Marc Siegall, Kenneth J. Chapman, and Raymond Boykin





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