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Bullying Behavior/Human Relations

This survey measures studentsí perceptions of their exposure to bullying behavior. This survey was constructed to measure the effectiveness of the Bully Free program developed by Dr. Allan Beane. His website is ( Keep in mind that bullying behavior scores in the spring tend to be less positive than in the fall because students have had more time to be exposed to bullying behavior.

This survey can be used to measure the effectiveness of any bullying behavior prevention program. Since violence can be the result of bullying behavior, this survey can be used to be pro-active in dealing with this problem. It has an overall reliability of + .93 as measured by the Cronbach alpha.

There is a charge of $50.00 for use of this survey. Send me an e-mail or call me and I will give you a copy of the survey.

I also provide scoring services for all surveys. The cost for scoring and analysis of the data, and a profile of strengths and weaknesses is $300.00

An example of a profile includes a graph, report, and cover letter—see below:

Articles on Bullying Behavior/Human Relations—see below: