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Character Traits

This instrument consists of 96 behavior used to measure students’ perceptions of their peers’ behavior on 16 character dimensions as follows: respect for self/others/ and property, honesty, responsibility/dependability/accountability, kindness, cooperation, self-control/discipline, forgiveness, integrity/fairness, perseverance, diligence, humility, compassion/empathy, patriotism/citizenship, tolerance/diversity, courtesy/politeness, and sportsmanship. The instrument can also be used to have teachers measure their perceptions of students’ behavior on these character dimensions. The instrument has an overall reliability of + .96 as measured by the Cronbach alpha.

There is no charge for use of this survey. Send me an e-mail or call me and I will give you a copy of the survey.

I do provide scoring services for all surveys. The cost for scoring and analysis of the data, and a profile of strengths and weaknesses for each dimension of any of the surveys is $300.00

An example of a profile includes a graph, report, and cover letter--see below: