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Data Collection Surveys

Instructional Improvement Survey

It consists of four items that measure the demographic factors and 96 behaviors that measure a school's culture and climate. The culture variables (psychological attributes) are as follows: group openness, group trust, group cooperation, and group atmosphere. The climate variables (institutional attributes) are also the effective school variables as follows: discipline, instructional leadership, classroom instruction, expectations, parent/community involvement, assessment/time on task, and sense of mission. The instrument has an overall reliability of + .95 as measured by the Cronbach alpha. Reliability on each of the subscales varies from +.79 to +.85. Teachers respond to each of the 96 behaviors on a five point Likert scale ranging from "completely disagree" to "completely agree." Completely disagree is scored as a "one" and completely agree is scored as a "five." An agree response is scored as a 4.0. Since nine of the factors are measured by eight behaviors, a score of 32 (4 x 8 = 32) is considered a strength and scores below 32 are considered areas needing improvement. Group trust and group openness have more than eight behaviors and are mathematically controlled to equal a score of 32.

There is no charge for use of this survey. Send me an e-mail or call me and I will give you a copy of the survey.

I do provide scoring services for all surveys. The cost for scoring and analysis of the data, and a profile of strengths and weaknesses for each dimension of any of the surveys is $300.00

An example of a profile includes a graph, report, and cover letter—see below: