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Where do our Graduates Go?


Our graduates are consistently accepted into some of the top graduate, medical, engineering, and pharmacy schools in the nation.  Placement of our chemistry graduates is one means by which the department measures its standard and success.


California Institute of Technology Greg Drummond '97
Cornell University Mary Kate McBrayer '02
Duke University Medical School Toma S. Omonuwa '05 (Goldwater Scholar /full scholarship)
Emory University Colleen Knight '06
Emory University Medical School Cari Low '01, Leigh Evans '05, Christopher Cox '06, Stephanie Stennett '08
Emory University- Physical Therapy Leigh Evans '05
Georgia Institute of Technology Amy Larson '97, David Hathcock '98, William Wallace '99, Christopher Lane '01, Israel Free '04, Moyeen Abiodun '07
Harvard University Roger Huffstetler, Jr. '01
Loma Linda University William Pottorf '99
Loma Linda University Medical School Crystal Carter '97, Michael Robbins '00, Aliiah Jourdain '05
Medical College of Georgia- Dental School Chea Rainford '03, Lilian Ha '11
Mercer University Medical School

Greg Ayers '95 (Graduated 2nd in Med. class), Jill Buchanan '00, Allison Kimball '02, Sara Morgan '03, Amna Ali '08

Mercer Pharmacy School

Nicole Caylor '00, Amy Smith '00, Marla Simpson '01,

Blake Lord '06, Shefali Dinani '08

National Institutes of Health Yong Suh '01
North Carolina State University Chelsea Dixon '01
Nova Southeastern University College of Pharmacy Carol Nguyen '07
Ross University Medical School Bette Ford '09
Shenandoah University School of Pharmacy Ryan Kelley '07
Southern Polytechnic State University Chad Parson '96
Stanford University

Logan Leslie '07 (Goldwater Scholar,

                           Member of All-USA College Academic Team,

                           Awarded the Gates Chambridge Scholarship)

Texas A&M University Brandon Hudder '00, Kelvin Rembert '09
University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa Valerie Stuman '97, James Burgess '01, Chijioke Obi '03, Nicholas Rhodes '07, Jonathan Williamson '08, Cameron Miller '10
University of California, Los Angeles Greg Owens '97
University of Colorado, Boulder Daniel P. Parker '02, Morin Frick '07, Christopher Ginter '08
University of Florida Rachel Fuller '01
University of Georgia Timothy Ayers '01 (Professor at UWG) , Ronald Claxton '05
University of Georgia Medical School Matthew Davis '05
University of Georgia Pharmacy School Austin Thaxton '02, Temitayo Isola '069
University of Hawaii Jesse McAtee '05, Danielle Shacklady-McAtee '06
University of Indiana Jonathan Meyers '04
University of Kansas Aura Ammenhauser '05
University of Kentucky Pharmacy School Gregory Ayuk '06
University of Montana Patricia Russell '03
University of Nebraska Brandt Godwin '98
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill Kenneth Stone '99, Shawn Ridlen '10
University of Rochester School of Medicine Yong Suh '01 (Marshall & Goldwater Scholar)
University of Tennessee, Knoxville John Clavier '97
University of Texas Susan Hughes '02, Kristen Lamb '03
University of Utah Erika Pollard '10, Shams Reaz '11
University of Virginia Russ Fitzgerald '97
Vanderbilt Medical School Laura Altom '04 (Full Scholarship)
Vanderbilt University Joe Chambers '04
Virginia Commonwealth University Sharon Reed '05
Washington University-St. Louis Silvia Collins '99

Susan Garner, Ph.D. Chemistry

UWG graduate of '02, Susan (Hughes) and husband Terence acquired their respective Ph.D.s in Spring 2007 from the University of Texas.