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UWG American Chemical Society Chemistry Club

It's not uncommon to find the students in the ACS Chemistry Club involved in a variety of activities.  The club seeks to bring chemistry students together through academic as well as social activities. 


One of the most visible activities the club is involved in is the annual chemical demonstration show held on Mole Day (celebrating Avogadro's number) where students present the department's programs and fun demonstrations to regional high school students who have an interest in the sciences.  Yet, the club is not only academic, but has other interests as well.  Last year, the students successfully raised Christmas presents for distribution to over 75 children through the Carroll County Department of Family and Children Services. The club also meets for other events such as picnics, softball games, etc. 


Thus, for a small fee, you acquire membership in the club as well as association and privileges with the American Chemical Society, such as a subscription to the journal Chemical & Engineering News, which keeps you updated with the world of science, in research and politics, as well as new job opportunities.  Check out the News & Events links to find out when the first meeting is scheduled. 



UWG Officers:














  • $15/yr. for the UWG chapter membership

  • Undergraduate Student Member $45.00 or $24.00 ($45.00 includes C&EN, $24.00 includes dues only)

Club Store:

Need goggles, lab coats, or cool chemistry club t-shirts?  The Chemistry Club has what you need.



Amna Malik and Bintu Marong collect gifts from students, faculty, and staff as part of the annual angel tree program. The presents represent multiple children and/or families in need.

   Dr. Hansen (pictured on left), along with ACS Students such as Brett Kimbrell (pictured
   on right
), demonstrate chemistry in a fun and interactive way during the annual Mole Day
   at UWG. High school students from all over Georgia are invited to attend the event.


















Luis Gonzalez
Vice President
Brett Kimbrell

Anna Grace

Anna Grace Liu