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Chemistry Links

Periodic Tables

ACS Chemical Periodic Table


The Wooden Periodic Table - Click elements on table for thorough descriptions


Periodic Table of Videos - Videos discussing each element


Periodic Table Printmaking Project - Promoting science and art


Chemicool Periodic Table


American Elements


Chemical Terminology


Chemical Dictionary


Archaic Chemical Terms


Chemical History

Chemical Heritage Foundation (CHF)


This Week in Chemical History


National Historic Chemical Landmarks


Biographies of Famous Chemists


The Nobel Prize in Chemistry




Science News




Chemistry World



Fun Links:

The Elements Song by Tom Lehrer, with an animation by Mike Stanfill


Which Element Are You?


Which Mad Scientist Are You? -

It kills thousands each year.

Inhaling it can kill you.

It improves athletic performance.

Found in every lake, river, and ocean

It's a major part of acid rain.

It corrodes metal.

You owe it to yourself to find out more....

Dihydrogen Monoxide Research Division