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Departmental Achievements


A.   Percent of Students passing licensing, certification, or other accreditation examinations related to their chosen field

Not Applicable


B.   Proportion of graduating students going on to graduate or professional schools

9 out of 22 - (41%)


C.   Number of Nationally recognized programs

Two Progams accredited by the American Chemical Society:  B.S. in Chemistry and B.S. in Biochemistry


D.   Number of Endowed chairs and professorships?



E.   Types of Licensure

 Not Applicable


F.   Other notable Achievements

A total of 22 students graduated from Summer 2005 through Spring 2006 which represents the largest number of graduates from our chemistry programs.


Recognized and visited by the Board of Regents for the department's high evaluation granted from the EPA and EPD inspectors in relation to our chemical management, in storage and disposal methods, as well as inventory procedures.  The departmental faculty and staff were remarked as being well versed on proper chemical hygiene methods.   The department of RM/EHS was instrumental in assisting proper accountability in our efforts in order to achieve this goal.