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Departmental Guidelines for Promotion to the Rank of Professor

Revised in April, 2001


Expectations in the Area of Professional Growth

In order to obtain departmental support for promotion from Associate Professor to Professor, a candidate must meet the following minimum specific criteria in the area of professional growth during his/her time as an Associate Professor at UWG



  1. Publish two articles based on research in peer-reviewed national/international journals in Chemistry or an allied field.  The candidate must be the primary author in at least one of the articles. 


A substantial portion of the work must either be carried out on-campus, or involve a UWG student if work is carried out off-campus.  The majority of the work in the publications must be carried out while the candidate is an Associate Professor. 


  1. Write one successful, nationally competitive, peer-reviewed externally funded research grant as the PI. 




Write and submit three nationally competitive, peer-reviewed grant proposals to external agencies as the PI, with at least two grants based on different projects. 


The following are excluded: NSF-CCLI grants, NSF-REU grants. 


  1. Engage students in the research process as evidenced by student authorships on peer-reviewed papers, or oral and poster presentations at conferences.