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Assessment of Goals and Outcomes


Give an example of how your department used the assessment of goals and outcomes to change/improve a process. 



As a part of assessment, the Chair had informal conversations with juniors and seniors, early in his term that began in May, 2000.  Students overwhelmingly suggested that the department introduce a seminar course for sophomores.  This would serve two purposes; namely, provide useful information to students pertaining to career opportunities, and also bring rising juniors together as a community.  Such a course, Sophomore Chemistry Seminar (CHEM 2130) was first introduced in 2001-2002, and will be offered every Spring. 


The process for evaluating senior theses was also streamlined in 2001-2002.  Rather than involve the entire department in the process, it now consists of evaluation of theses by a sub-committee of three faculty members with expertise in the sub-discipline of the thesis.  This also facilitates the process of rewriting, necessarily a part of student theses.