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Grants and Awards


A.  Total Proposals Submitted


17 (5-external, 12-internal)

B.  Total Proposals Funded


1-external, 3-pending

C.  Total Amount Awarded





D.  Total Grants Generated by Department


1-external, 12-internal

E.  Total Faculty receiving Grants


4 (GEMS and NSF-MRI grant)

F.  Total Fellowships Awarded



New Degree Programs or Deletions


New Departments or Other New Units:  Also any Restructuring of These


Accreditation or Similar Distinction or Renewal


Give an example of how your department used the assessment of goals and outcomes to change/improve a process.

After considerable investigation and departmental discussion, we instituted a process where students must have properly completed a pre-requisite course in chemistry and/or mathematics with a minimum grade of 'C' in order to enroll in the next sequential chemistry course.  This has helped us to screen students from taking a chemistry course before they are adequately prepared.  Using the same rationale based on several years of student performance, we have a minimum threshold on the Freshman Index Number that an entering freshman must have in order to take the freshman chemistry series.