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Departmental Guidelines for

Promotion to Associate Professor with Tenure

Revised in March, 2001




The Department of Chemistry aims to provide undergraduate education of the highest quality, and to be recognized as a center of excellence in undergraduate education.  To promote ongoing efforts to meet this goal, the tenured faculty member is a teacher-scholar who engages students in the learning process via superior instruction in the classroom as well as through meaningful involvement in undergraduate research.  In addition, he/she is an active participant in the departmentís efforts in advising and placing students, in improving their quality of life through extracurricular activities, and in recruiting from high schools in the region. 



In order to obtain the support of the Department of Chemistry, a candidate seeking tenure with promotion to the position of an associate professor must satisfy the following specific criteria: 





Demonstration of significant contributions as a teacher and a strong likelihood of continuing effectiveness in teaching with evidence from student evaluations and


a.   Letters from former students attesting to the candidate's instructional abilities.

b.   Successful direction of undergraduate research.

c.   Effectiveness as shown by peer evaluation.

d.      Scholarship related to teaching.

e.      Participation in Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC).

f.        Student performance on standardized ACS examinations. 



Professional Growth and Development


Demonstration of significant contributions to the candidate's discipline and a strong likelihood of

continuing effectiveness. 


The specific criteria are three peer-reviewed publications from West Georgia with at least one based on research done at West Georgia.  In addition, the candidate must have at least one externally funded (i.e. peer-reviewed) grant at the time of application.  In case each specific criterion is not met, the total record in the area of professional growth and development will be considered. 


The Department of Chemistry favorably views collaborations within and outside UWG as a means to further professional growth and development.  The active participation of undergraduates in faculty-directed research is both required and expected, with concomitant participation of both the faculty member and students in regional/state/national meetings in the discipline. 


Service to the institution


Demonstration of significant contributions to the activities of the department and the University as a community. 


Specific examples include (but are not limited to)



a.   Significant contributions to the improvement of student, faculty or community life.

b.      Successful counseling/advising of students.

c.       Effective advisement of student organizations.

d.      Visitations to high schools for recruitment. 

e.      Successful service on local, statewide, regional, national, or international levels (e.g., committees, boards, panels).

f.        Honors, awards and special recognitions for service to the institution or the community.

g.      Successful mentoring of colleagues.

h.      Effective service-related consultation work or technical assistance.



The items listed above are meant to serve as examples, and no individual is expected to fulfill all of them.  Rather, each faculty member must focus his/her efforts based on individual strengths and the mission of the Department.