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Curriculum Vitae




  • Principles of Chemistry I, II, & Honors

  • Science Foundations

  • Chemical Processes Principles

  • Physical Chemistry II

  • Advanced Laboratory I

  • Environmental Chemistry

  • Instrumental Analysis

  • Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics

  • Transport Phenomena

  • Fluid Mechanics

  • Science for Everyday Living for Teachers

  • Industrial Chemistry (& for teachers)

  • Law & Administration of Chemicals

  • Frontiers in Science- CSI:  UWG



Dr. Sharmistha Basu-Dutt, Ph.D.


Engineering Studies Coordinator

Office:  2131 TLC , Lab:  2134 TLC



Ph.D. Chemical Engineering, Wayne State University, 1995

B.S. Chemical Engineering, Jadavpur University, India, 1987



Research Interests:


I am interested in inter-disciplinary projects in applied science relevant to the Engineering Studies major.  In one project, students study factors that control the efficiency of solar cells.  In another project, students build fuel cells and manipulate design parameters to study their effects on the operation of these cells.  Funding for this project is provided by NSF-STEP GEMS Grant #DUE-0336571 and UWG-SRAP 06-07 Grant.

 I am involved in developing nanotechnology based activities that can be used in lower and upper level chemistry courses.  One activity currently being developed involves using spectroscopy to study structural characteristics of single walled nanotubes.  Funding for this project is provided by NSF-STEP GEMS Grant #DUE-0336571 and UWG-FRG 06-07 Grant.

I am actively participating in science education projects.  In collaboration with Dr. Gail Marshall in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction, professional development workshops are offered for K-12 teachers in the area of learning and teaching science by the inquiry method.  Funding for this project is provided by Elementary and Secondary Act (ESEA), Title II, Part A Grant “Excursions in Inquiry for Teachers” for 2006-07.