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Curriculum Vitae




  • Organic Chemistry I

  • Organic Chemistry II

  • Organic Chemistry Laboratory

  • Bioorganic Chemistry

  • Heterocyclic Chemistry

  • Synthetic Organic Chemistry


Dr. Partha S. Ray, Ph.D.


Office:  2123 TLC , Lab:  2106 TLC





Ph.D. Synthetic Organic Chemistry, University of East Anglia, UK, 1982

M.S. Physical Organic Chemistry, 1980

B.S. Honors, Chemistry, University of East Anglia, UK, 1978


Research Interests:


I am an Organic Chemist with research interests in medicinal and synthetic chemistry.  The ultimate goal in my research is to discover new anti-tumor and anti-microbial agents by chemical synthesis.  We have undertaken this exciting and challenging journey with the anticipation that along the way to our destination we will discover and develop new synthetic methods and establish structure-activity relationships.  We are particularly interested in the design and synthesis of novel inhibitors of folate requiring enzymes, which play critical roles in the biosynthesis of DNA.